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If you’re looking to reinvent your product packaging alpha to shift your positioning in the market and attempt to reach new customer demographics, beware of your existing customers’ sentiments first. Otherwise, you may require to switch back to your original packaging design as happened to an American fruit-based beverage company, Tropicana. 

The famous fruit juice brand, Tropicana, had a market share of $700 million per year for its best-selling product, Tropicana Pure Premium, back in 2008. The company spent $35 million on rebranding the product packaging which was not welcomed by the customers and cost $30 million lost in sales within two months’ duration.

Let’s explore the possible reasons why a rebranding venture becomes a packaging redesign disaster for Tropicana that costs $30 million lost in sales. 

Choose the Generic Design

As packaging is the last point of brand communication that has the power to influence the customers to invest in the product. When you redesign it, you must retain the intrinsic qualities of the design to keep the customers connected with the brand

In the new packaging design, Tropicana used a generic glass of orange juice rather than employing the popular orange with a straw in the previous design. The generic design miserably failed to connect the customers’ emotional bond with the new packaging.  

Loss of Brand Identity 

When customers buy something, they don’t search for the name of the product alone but it’s the brand imagery, packaging shape, and slogan that create a brand strong identity. It was missing in the new packaging of Tropicana.

In the new design of Tropicana Pure Premium, the focus was on the quality of the product such as “100% orange” while in the previous design, the pivotal point was Tropicana (brand name), and No Pulp (Quality of the product). 

A Change in Product Messaging

When you have a plan to redesign your packaging, it’s significant to measure the customer response through the controlled testing process. It will provide you with an idea about the buyer consideration phase and you need to deliver the same message to the customers by using relevant colors and tones. 

Tropicana changes the tone by using “pulp free” instead of “no pulp”. The original packaging tone was conversational and friendly which was also used by the people in routine. However, the new message looked like a robotic tone that did not resonate with the customers’ habits.  

Colors That Conflict 

Colors play a fundamental role in the brand’s visual identity that must be picked very wisely especially when you are in the process of redesigning your packaging. In the case of Tropicana, they were tremendously off from the original and natural color of orange. As in the previous design, the orange color was deep and saturated combined with rich green to inspire appetite and health. While the new design washed out the actual juice color to almost yellow. 

Style That Don’t Fit with Customers’ Expectations 

Brands must use new trends and designs that help the customer to spot the product without any problem. The original design met all the needs of the customer as you can easily pick the orange with pineapple juice because of the unique purple label or the surrounding pineapple in the design along with the orange. If the customers somehow missed these messages the bold name of Tropicana would assist them to get the product. 

All of these things were missing in the new design, there was no image of any real fruit showed in the design. On the other hand, the design was so inconsistent that never supported the customer to make a buying decision.   

Are you trying to organize the spinning ideas in your head about your business, but are still uncertain how to do so? The business idea is the first thing that needs to be evaluated from every dimension such as potential roadblocks, resources, viability of the idea, and growth plan.

In order to create a formal business plan, you need to step back and understand the scope of the idea by focusing on the market trends and strategies behind the competitor tactics. You can analyze everything easily when you have a structured outline and key elements to consider ahead of time. 

We have created a quick and easy guide by breaking it into smaller parts so you could create a flawless business plan gradually. 

Create a Company Description

Company description answers questions such as what sort of problems your company solves and how you are different from others. It also contains the mission statement that covers principles, values, and cultural philosophies too in order to clarify the nature of the business to customers and investors. 

Focus on Market Analysis

When it comes to market analysis, it is about choosing the niche where plenty of customers are already available who need your product. It’s a fundamental part of your business plan because it will help you to avoid struggling to sell your product in the market. Start with studying the landscape of the competitors, the market size of the product, and your possible position as a business. 

Build Organization and Structure

It’s critical to find out what could be the possible structure of your company. When you create a hierarchy, it will be easy to realize the people who you need to recruit and the criteria of judgment, whether it will be a qualification or experience.

Mission and Goal 

Create a small section that describes your mission and goal. Make sure that your goals must be SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound).  

Products or Services 

Your product or services are the central part of your business plan. In this section, you explain all the specifications of the product regarding cost, target audience, and major competitors. You also mentioned the source of raw materials and the people who are responsible for manufacturing your product. 

Marketing Plan

For making a marketing plan, you analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats according to the SWOT model. It will be great if you create a grid and describe everything in the related section in bullet form. Then it’s time to discuss the way you promote your business and decide the number of days the campaign will last. 


Packaging alpha is a great way to concentrate all the efforts in one place while presenting your product to the customers in an attractive manner. You can use custom packaging boxes for this purpose because they are customizable to any size, shape, and design. These boxes will help you to demonstrate your brand or business story including the mission statement with proper product description to win the trust of the customers.   

Financial Plan 

As finance is the backbone of any business so include the possible budget in your business plan that shows the statement of cash flow. When you have a clear financial plan, you will be able to recognize when you need outside funding or scale your business for growth. 

Write an Executive Summary

Executive summary of a business plan is a critical step that arrives usually at the end of the planning process. It’s the process of filtering out all the collected info and comes with the most refined summary that you write for investors or lenders. It’s created for persuading them to read more. You can also consider it as a corporate overview or an elevator pitch that highlights the key points of your idea.  packaging alpha