What is Telehealth Video Calling/Conferencing in 2024?

telehealth video calling

While the pandemic brought everyone indoors, it has instilled a fear in their minds about the safety outside of their comfort zones. While almost everything can be accessed with a click of a button, there is one industry that still requires physical attention, healthcare. When we are unwell, the first thought that comes to mind is visiting a hospital, but with a deadly virus surrounding us, how confident are we to step out?

Here is when telehealth video calls come in place.

This efficient solution is changing the way anyone can engage with healthcare. It is an efficient and well-versed platform that is bound to stay present in the years to come. 

To help you understand this topic better, this blog will be your guide.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Telehealth: What You Need To Know

In simple terms, telehealth is the process of engaging with healthcare providers via video conferencing.

It is an efficient process of using a digital channel to engage with healthcare providers.

For instance, say that you’re unwell in the middle of the night and you can’t step out to visit a doctor because you’re scared about the virus. 

You need to instantly engage with a doctor and that is when Telehealth comes into the picture. With a click of a button, you can immediately engage with the relevant doctor without having to move from your bed space. 

Top 4 Benefits Patients Receive With Telehealth Video Conferencing

Video calls can benefit patients in multiple ways.

While ease of use is one common issue, there are other multiple major advantages to the list. 

Reduces Additional Cost

To receive treatment from the top hospitals isn’t easy to find. This includes travelling long distances to find the right one. The travelling ideally takes more than one visit and this expense will burn a hole in your pocket. 

With Telehealth video conferencing, the traveling expense is cut completely. Since you can engage with your healthcare providers over video calls, there is no need to travel. Also, to purchase medicines, digital channels are present that can deliver them home.

Overall, patients will start to save much more from this action. 


Today anything you require whether it is accessing information, booking appointments, and more, the digital platform makes it easy for us.

Hence with a solution like telehealth, healthcare sessions have become more convenient. From speaking to doctors to solving queries, you can avail all answers without moving a muscle. 

This is a great approach being provided by the healthcare industry.

Easy to help closed ones that are sick

At times, when our close ones are sick, we realize that a few medications will heal them well for the next few days.

But how can we know which medication will work the magic?

Hence with immediate engagements with your local doctors via telehealth video conferencing, engagement is more insightful and the doctor can take a better look at the patient to prescribe the right medication. 

Receive all information in one place

From booking appointments to understanding how to better your condition, telehealth video calls work well in accessing this information under one tool.

Top 4 ways telehealth video calls can benefit healthcare providers

Healthcare providers can also benefit from telehealth video calls.

From maximizing the service provided to patients to offering a better engagement experience, there are a few advantages that best describes the benefit.

Lesser appointment cancellations

Patients commonly cancel their appointments because either they forget or don’t have the time to attend them. With telehealth video conferencing, this has become easy as patients can easily connect with providers with a click of a button no matter where they are. 

Better healthcare support outside hospitals

A healthcare provider’s job isn’t limited to hospital doors. Telehealth video calls allow providers to continue to assist and remain in touch with their patients.

Forms long term bonds with patients

With frequent video calls, telehealth builds a truthful and reliable bond with their patients. This sparks a better hospital image and drives more consultations.

Creates a better review for your hospital brand

Since telehealth video conferencing conducts immediate engagement, this declines the wait time of the doctor’s waiting room. This helps providers assist their patients better and thus receive better reviews under their name.

5 Ways to Enhance Telehealth Video Conferencing Practice

To get started with Telehealth, investing in a telehealth video conferencing API is the preferred option. 

There are multiple best video call API available, to help you on the right foot. 

1. Find a good Telehealth video conferencing solution

The number one key is to find the right telehealth video conferencing solution that meets your needs. 

In case you wish to create a video conferencing tool on your own, invest in a video call API for websites. 

They are easy to get started with and provide tons of relevant features. 

2. Ensure all hardware requirements are met

For a telehealth video conferencing session to take place smoothly, ensure all the required hardware equipment is present.

To name a few are headphones, microphones, and any other related equipment. 

3. Train your team to assist patients over the platform

Once your telehealth video conferencing is set up, start training your team on the same.

Educate your team about the purpose of using this solution, how they should speak to patients, how they should be prepared over call, and more.

Also, train your team to face any issues such as technology-related issues or technical difficulties to avoid interruptions in the video sessions. 

Training your team with time will help you offer exceptional video call experience to your patients as well as increase the growth of this solution.

4. Educate your patients about Telehealth video call

Patients will always choose convenience.

Hence with this convenient service, you’re providing, inform your patients on the same.

Educate them on the purpose and what you aim to achieve. 

When patients realize that this solution can also benefit them, they will immediately start to engage with this.

5. Expand telehealth services with time

Once you realize that the telehealth video calls are growing well, start to expand it well.

Remember that not all your patients would be well versed with the modern digital channels, hence it will take time for them to adapt to the same.

Hence give them time to learn and understand how the process works.

Once they become well versed, they will become accustomed to it. 


Video conferencing had always been around the corner but its popularity increased with the pandemic.

With the risk of the virus slowly declining, it is evident that the ease and convenience this video conference app/solution has brought is bound to remain the patient’s first preference.

Technology had introduced video calls years back, but would you have ever thought it would turn out to be a revolution in the way the top industry, healthcare, uses to engage with patients?

So what are your views on telehealth video conferencing?

Do you believe this platform is providing a better engagement solution?

Have you or do you plan to start digital communications with your doctor?