How to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365?

g suite to office 365

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 are two leading cloud-based productivity suites, each offering a comprehensive set of tools for businesses and individuals. As of my last knowledge update, these platforms have likely evolved, so it’s essential to check for the latest features and updates.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

G Suite, now rebranded as Google Workspace, is developed by Google. It emphasizes collaboration and real-time communication, with tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts. One of the key strengths of Google Workspace lies in its simplicity and the ease with which users can collaborate on documents in real-time. Additionally, Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with other Google services, providing a cohesive environment for users familiar with Google’s ecosystem.

On the other hand, Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365, is Microsoft’s offering, encompassing applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. Microsoft 365 has a robust feature set, particularly for users who have long been accustomed to the Microsoft Office suite. Its integration with desktop versions of Office applications ensures a smooth transition for users already familiar with Microsoft’s productivity tools.

The choice between G Suite (Google Workspace) and Office 365 (Microsoft 365) often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user or organization. Google Workspace excels in real-time collaboration and simplicity, while Microsoft 365 is renowned for its feature-rich applications and deep integration with Windows environments.

Both suites have evolved to meet the changing demands of remote work and collaboration, introducing new features and security enhancements. Users should consider factors such as collaboration requirements, integration with existing systems, user preferences, and pricing when deciding between G Suite and Office 365. It’s advisable to check the latest offerings and user reviews to make an informed decision based on the most current information available as of your reading in 2023.

Users have their personal and professional reasons why they want to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 accounts. Migration tasks are common nowadays in organizations as their needs change from time to time. We know it is quite challenging to process this task, but you can do this task effortlessly with an effective solution.

That is why we have come up with this blog to introduce a few solutions to migrate G Suite to Office 365 mailboxes. Here, we will discuss the manual method as well as a professional third-party tool. So, it would be best if you read this blog till the end to know the complete stepwise procedure of the solutions. Also, we will discuss a few features of the Microsoft 365.

Some best features of MS Office 365

Users will get a lot of features and facilities to manage their emails in a good manner. These features are also responsible for insisting users migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 accounts. Users can read the below points to learn Office 365 features.

  • It comes with many productive applications such as Outlook, Skype, MS Word, etc. Users can also download the individual desktop applications of these services.
  • Office 365 allows users to access their data from anywhere in the world where the internet works.
  • Its pricing is affordable for an individual user to big enterprises.

There are more features of MS Office 365, which motivate users to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Now, we will move to the perfect ways to do this migration process.

Methods to perform the G Suite to Office 365 migration

Users can do this migration process with the help of two ways, manual and professional. Here, we first move to the manual solution to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. After that, we will discuss an automated method to complete this migration process. Let us learn both solutions one by one.

1 Move emails from Google Workspace to Office 365 manually

Users can follow the below steps to complete the migration process from G Suite to Office 365 mailboxes.

  • Start with verifying the domains are the same for both platforms.
  • After that, you need to create users in the target.
  • Now, note down all the mailboxes in a list to move into a CSV file.
  • Then, you have to create the Gmail IMAP Migration endpoint.
  • Create the Migration batches and start moving the mailboxes.
  • Finally, update your DNS records.

This is the whole procedure to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. It might be challenging for professional users as it takes too much time and makes the process lengthy. Users need to sound technical if they want to do this task with the manual solution. There are also a few other limitations of the manual way of processing this task.

So, it would be good if users use professional third-party tools to complete this process. The next section will elaborate on the features of the Shoviv professional solution.

2 A quick solution to migrate G Suite to Office 365

The challenges of the manual way can affect the migration process. Therefore, users can use the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool to do this task conveniently. It comes with the ability to move various emails at a time with no size restriction. Moreover, this solution takes care of the folder hierarchy and meta properties of the data while processing them to MS Office 365.

The working of this software is simple, so any user will not face any issues in moving from G Suite to Office 365 mailboxes. It offers a filter option that can be used to add or remove items using a date and folder basis. All users can migrate emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, as it comes with a simple user interface. Moreover, users can schedule their migration process on the desired time and date using this solution.


Users who are willing to migrate emails from Workspace to Microsoft 365 can opt for the professional solution. Shoviv professional tool is the best way to move emails from a G Suite account to an Office 365 account. Users can also try its free trial version in their system to check its features and capability. Its free trial version is capable of moving the first 50 items per folder freely.