Fitness App Development: Tips to Build a Custom Fitness App

Fitness App Development

Inevitable criterion you need to take care of while developing a Health and Fitness app for Android or iOS. Health and fitness app development usage “grew 330% in just 3 years”.

If you look at the figures of various Android and iPhone health and fitness apps in the past few years, you would realize the increasing awareness among people about keeping themselves fit and fine. In other words, health and fitness consciousness has become a part and parcel of life. And add it, innovative health and fitness apps have been in a boom since 2014. Several health and fitness apps you will find on the plat-store or iTunes ranging from workout and exercise apps to activity and diet planning apps.

The crafting and creation of health and fitness apps for Android or iOS requires:

  • Best of the Breed coders capable enough to align the app with your requirements.
  • The gadgets that you wish to make your compatible with.

Before digging into the tips and tricks for developing the best health and fitness app. Let’s understand what’s in the trends.

1. Types of the app you wish to create:

This is the first question that you need to clear out. There are varieties of health and fitness apps available and you can create them with the help of the advanced technology available right now with us. To name a few of the apps that are in demand most are:

  • Activity tracking apps
  • Diet and nutrition apps
  • Daily workout or exercise apps
  • Personal coach providers
  • Yoga apps

With the help of this kind of app, you will be able to take care of various physiological and anatomical processes and keep your health intact.

Your developer is required to use Jawbone UP

It is an open-source platform that facilitates a cluster of APIs and SDKs which is extremely useful in creating a fitness app for mobile devices.


This is the platform especially meant for wearables on which you can build intuitive health and fitness apps for wearables.

The Fitbit API

With the help of this tool, you can interact with the Fitbit data on your app.

2. The features Your app should be equipped with:

You can make your app rich with several features you wish to integrate with but considering the prime objectives, the following are some of the essential features your fitness apps should be coupled with.

  • Account creation
  • Integration of the app with other services
  • Setting exercise routines
  • Personal information Box
  • Notifications
  • Wearable device integration
  • Diet Plan
  • Geolocation

Tips to build your own health and fitness app:

Your app idea has to be unique and different from existing apps in the market. It should offer new and proven ways to solve the problems of your target audience and should be loaded with the coolest features but relevant only, that differentiate your fitness app from competitors.

Tips to build custom fitness app development – the process that needs to be followed strictly:

Technical aspects of app development – it should start with the mobile platform your app will support like Android or IOS or it will be a cross-platform app. The programming languages for the app writing like Swift, Objective C, etc.

How you will make your app stand out in the fitness app market – the fitness market for apps is very competitive and your app will be competing with 8k+ other apps to win the audience and stand tall in the competition you have to make your app unique and implement the best app development strategies. some of the opportunities to improve your fitness app could be – social features, gasification, user-generated content, customization, personal touch, and making it specific to a particular niche or audience.

Proven app monetization strategies should be in place – how you are going to earn from that app? Choose the best fit for your business plan.

And above all choose the right health and fitness app development partners to increase your chance of developing a successful fitness app that can earn millions for you. On-demand fitness app development is on the rise and businesses are partnering with an on-demand app development company to get futuristic solutions

Time and Cost involved in the development of the app:

Though the precise time and cost estimation of the fitness app development is difficult mainly because of the variable factors involved in the development process, we can have a tentative idea that will help you to materialize the development of your dream fitness app.

You will need the following team to take care of your fitness app development depending on the type of app you wish to create.

  • Project Manager: A person bridging a gap between the developer and the client. The average hourly rate of an experienced project manager is $100-150 per hour.
  • Technical Writer for documentation: You will need a technical writer to manage the flow of the documentation for the development phases. And the rate of an efficient technical writer is usually $50-100 per hour.
  • Designer: You will also need to integrate a designer who can charge an average of $50-150 per hour.
  • Developer: It is important to note here that the rates of both iOS and Android developers are different. You can hire an Android health and fitness app developer at $40-50 per hour whereas in the case of an iOS developer $40-50 per hour.

The health and fitness apps are successful because 56 percent of users in 2017 have already claimed that they are using e-health applications and services and it allows them to take greater care of their bodies.

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The health and fitness apps are becoming popular day by day and it is evident by the figure that there were 8000+ fitness apps in 2014 and the number of apps is increasing at a fast pace. The apps range from nutrition apps to fitness training apps amazingly created by fitness app development companies making the apps more intuitive and interactive, rich in features, and above all preserving the health and life of millions.

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