Email Marketing Solutions Specific To The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis customers grow as the sector does. As more older folks use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, retailers should use email marketing to contact them. Email campaigns for elderly persons must consider several factors. First, divide your list to deliver emails solely to subscribers. Our cannabis marketing journey begins with enrollment.

‘Opting In’ To Email Marketing

Vetting and motivating subscribers to join your list can help you avoid email marketing disasters in cannabis marketing. Cannabis firms risk considerable liabilities by sending email campaigns to unregistered clients. As a business, you should avoid buying email lists and make sure clients have opted in.

Creating A Cannabis Business Subscriber List

A rewards program is a terrific method to build your list organically, but it can be hard to create a cost-effective, appealing approach to signing up new members. Check out our many enrollment-optimization tactics here. For safety, add a clear signup or ‘opt-in’ that defines the marketing procedure in your customer acquisition process. Maintaining good customer relations requires informing clients about upcoming promotional content. Tell them they will get targeted promos and incentives for joining. This is a terrific technique to sell responsibly and avoid unsubscribers who feel tricked. When promoting content, be honest.

Enrollment After Loyalty

But this is just the start. Our 30+ POS and E-Commerce connectors let you understand new clients’ product preferences, accelerate their buying patterns, and grow your business. Customer segmentation involves categorizing them by cannabis-friendly hobbies. Thus, cannabis marketing might be more targeted than sending a blanket email to your list. Send tailored campaigns to persons likely to respond. You can explain your targeting, how the deals will be relevant, and why membership is better than retail.

Relevant, Targeted Campaigns

Segmentation improves click-through rates and ensures that messages are relevant and targeted. Automatically personalizing email marketing with first names and other dynamic features increases engagement and sales.

Best Email Marketing Practices

Example: an email marketing campaign targeting Stizzy frequent buyers over 45 who spent over $300 at your dispensary in the last month with a Stizzy incentive. Spring Big provides customized email, SMS, and native apps with your branding to maximize your advertising spend.

Clear Marketing Messaging

Since older folks are more prone to delete emails with unclear subject lines, make sure yours are straightforward. For universal email accessibility, utilize large font sizes and easy-to-read layouts in promotions.

Extreme Images

Exciting images can also harm this age group and trigger email spam filters. So keep those for younger audiences in MMS messaging or a native app, where reception will be better and delivery consistent. Follow these guidelines to make sure your email campaigns reach and engage older folks. Cannabis email marketing is a terrific approach to reaching this increasing population and establishing lifelong customers. It takes patience, consistency, and a good client acquisition procedure to drive cannabis dispensary marketing enrollment with this type of digital marketing.

Dispensary Email Marketing Plan

Subscribe new clients to your email list to keep them informed about your latest items and specials. Cannabis email marketing can interact with customers and tell them about your current products. Cannabis email marketing remains effective. It targets elderly adults in their email and is cost-effective.

Email Marketing And Analytics 

Cannabis dispensary marketing requires advanced email marketing software like Springbig. It can show you how well your cannabis-related email marketing works. Helping you improve marijuana marketing initiatives. Installing a SaaS marketing platform like Springbig lets you A/B test different campaigns across platforms and delivery methods to monitor and optimize your digital marketing channels.

Advertising Cadence And Churn Rate Monitoring

Just remember that you’re still talking to people, so start slowly. Customer conversion is faster with a welcome email than with a spam transactional email. Springbig can also track email unsubscribes, click-throughs, and campaign participation. Your dispensary needs all of these KPIs for next-level email marketing.

How About Younger Demographics?

Email marketing works for older groups, but younger populations prefer SMS and apps. Consider your customers’ ages and filter them into Facebook or social media marketing channels. Drive traffic to your website landing pages to boost sales.

Welcome Emails

Initiation emails help new consumers start monitoring their inboxes for promotions. Start your program with a cannabis-friendly message to attract new clients and grow your business organically. Introduce them to your website and landing page services. They can stumble on your promotional sales, social media, and email marketing routines.

Transactional Emails

Cannabis or CBD brands can launch sales, execute promotions, and assess audience engagement here. To transform prospective customers into repeat buyers, target transactional emails by purchase behavior. These emails can lead customers to deals on your landing pages or e-commerce business.

Analyzing Your Dispensary Data

Never ignore emails if your dispensary customers are elderly. Drip campaigns that respect new customers’ expectations can develop brand recognition without becoming spammy or intrusive. If 50% of your database is 45 or older, email marketing campaigns or new email subscribers may enhance your dispensary marketing approach. Adults in this age range check and send emails frequently, making them more likely to receive and act on promotional content.

Why Email?

Cannabis email marketing works well with older customers since they are more comfortable with it. Email’s excellent deliverability rates increase the likelihood of the receiver seeing your message. Email campaigns have strong open and click-through rates, indicating that consumers read and engage with the material. Finally, email marketing can boost dispensary income. Let’s explore each aspect to increase your marketing subscribers and sales.

Personalized Messaging

Different age groups react differently to communication channels. Cannabis email marketing may not work as well with younger clients, but it can reach older ones. Younger individuals prefer social media for communication, therefore SMS marketing, apps, and social media are more successful digital marketing methods. Knowing your audience and their preferred communication channels is crucial.


Email deliverability ensures emails reach their recipients. Many email companies, including Gmail, prohibit sending messages about federally banned substances, making this difficult for cannabis businesses. Keywords are another consideration while promoting your services.

E-Mail Providers

Email service providers limit cannabis-related content in email marketing. Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud are popular email platforms. With Gmail having 1.2 billion users, deliverability is crucial to your email marketing plan. Knowing the terms and conditions and any detected ‘keywords’ is crucial.

No Cannabis Content Restrictions

Avoid utilizing cannabis keywords in your email content to avoid spam filters and delivery issues. Get imaginative and use alternative digital marketing methods to get beyond email marketing platforms, corporations, and their limits. This applies to social media marketing too. Optimizing email deliverability for mobile devices requires considering iCloud and Apple, as 41% of cellphone users use Apple products. Let us optimize your mobile email marketing to drive clients to your dispensary.

CBD Products And Brand Awareness

CBD companies should consider email platforms because most of their elderly customers want pain alleviation, anti-inflammatory, and other medicinal benefits. Regular email checkers are seeking a cannabis-friendly alternative to medications and other harmful drugs. Email marketing can inform customers about your store, introduce a new delivery service or cannabis brand, or enroll them in a loyalty program.


Overall, the Springbok email marketing tool is a cost-effective and compliant way to ensure your intended audience receives your promotional content through email service provider filters, reacts to your email marketing campaigns, and ultimately makes a purchase. In an aged audience, email marketing efforts can generate more engagement than Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter combined. Springbig helps you identify your audience, deploy email marketing methods, and optimize outcomes. Spring Big lets you switch between SMS marketing, email marketing, and native apps, giving cannabis brands and shops an edge over their competitors.