Top Offbeat Destinations In Kerala To Include In Your Travel Itinerary

offbeat destinations in Kerala

Welcome to the mystical world of Kerala, that whisper tales of nature’s bounty and cultural richness. Beyond the well trodden paths lies offbeat destinations in Kerala that beckon the intrepid tourist. In this guide, we embark further on a journey through over a dozen offbeat places.

They further offers a number of experiences that go beyond the usual. Brace yourself for a travel plan filled with misty hills, pristine beaches, and cultural charms. As they all meanwhile define the true essence of God’s Own Country.

1: Vagamon – Where Time Stands Still

Tucked away in the Idukki district, Vagamon unfolds as a serene hill station. This one of the offbeat destinations in Kerala remains unseen by the tourist masses. The hilly meadows, pine hills, and cool climate firstly create an ideal setting for seeking peace.

Thrill seekers can further take to the skies with paragliding. On other hand, nature lovers can explore the tea gardens and pine forests. Vagamon, contains divine Kurisumala Ashram and the tranquil Vagamon Lake. Above all, it is a haven for seekers of both thrill and inner peace.

2: Ponmudi – A Symphony of Green and Gold

Just a stone’s throw from Trivandrum, lies Ponmudi, or the ‘Golden Peak’. It is a symbol of Kerala’s diverse topography. The journey to Ponmudi is as charming as the place itself.

That goes further through winding roads leading through tea gardens and mist laden hills. A trek to the Agasthyakoodam Peak, part of the Western Ghats, meanwhile unveils stunning vistas. The golden hues of sunrise and sunset over Ponmudi make it a photographer’s delight. Above all, the nearby forests offer a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers.

3: Marari Beach Beyond the Turquoise Waters

While Kerala’s backwaters and famous beaches are well explored. But, Marari Beach remains a hidden oasis along the Arabian Sea. Far from the tourist crowds, Marari firstly attracts tourists. They may come and experience the simple joys of life by the coast.

Pristine sands, swaying palm trees, and rhythmic sounds of the waves set the stage for relaxation. Marari goes beyond being just a beach. It is an option to engage with the local fishing people. You may meanwhile witness local methods and immerse oneself in the coastal village lifestyle.

4: Gavi – A Symphony of Wilderness

Deep within the Periyar National Park, lies the Gavi. It stands as a symbol to Kerala’s efforts to viable and responsible tourism. Reachable only by a jeep safari through dense forests, Gavi offers a sanctuary for wildlife lovers.

Rich in bio diversity, Gavi further allows tourists to spot various species of flora and fauna. Treks through the pristine landscapes and do camping under the stars. You may also do boating in the Gavi Reservoir. That meanwhile make for an immense experience in the lap of nature.

5: Nelliyampathy – The Queen’s Secret Garden

Hidden in the folds of the Western Ghats, Nelliyampathy unveils itself through winding roads. These roads cut through tea gardens. The journey is as charming as the place.

That meanwhile contains stunning views of lush valleys and mist covered mountains. Nelliyampathy, also famous as the ‘Queen of Palakkad’, offers a perfect blend of peace and beauty. Explore the Pothundi Reservoir by taking a jeep safari to Seetharkundu. Above all, let the charm of Nelliyampathy captivate your senses.

6: Kumbalangi – Embracing Village Life

Known as Kerala’s first model tourism village, Kumbalangi. It offers a unique chance to delve further into the heart of rural life. Engage in things for example crab farming, local fishing, and coir making.

This will meanwhile give you firsthand experience of the local way of life. Homestays in Kumbalangi enhance the cultural learning. Above all, they allow tourists to connect with the warmth of the rural. Kumbalangi is more than a village; it is a living canvas of Kerala’s coastal village lifestyle.

7: Silent Valley National Park – Nature’s Symphony

Situated in the Nilgiri Hills, Silent Valley National Park is a bio diversity hotspot. That beckons wildlife lovers and nature lovers alike. It is known for its rich flora and fauna, for example rare species.

Silent Valley further offers guided treks through dense forests. The Kunthi River offers a serene backdrop for picnics. That meanwhile add a touch of peace to the adventure. It is a haven for those seeking a profound connection with Kerala’s natural wonders.

8: Thenmala – Harmony of Nature and Adventure

India’s first planned eco tourism region, Thenmala, meaning ‘Honey Hill’ blends thrill and nature. The butterfly safari park, dense forests, and the dam offer diverse charms.

It’s efforts to viable tourism methods makes it an ideal place for nature lovers. It also attracts those curious about the thin balance between human acts and climate savage. Meanwhile, explore its wonders and witness the balance between man and nature.

9: Muzhappilangad Beach – Drive on the Sands

While Kerala boasts various stunning beaches. But, Muzhappilangad stands out as the only drive in beach in the state. Located in Kannur, this is a long stretch of golden sands.

That further offers a unique experience of driving along the shoreline. The shallow waters firstly make it safe for swimming and water sports. This beach offers a perfect blend of thrill and peace, with beachside shacks. That meanwhile serve fresh seafood adding to the coastal charm.

10: Kakkathuruthu – The Island of Crows

Tucked away in Kerala’s backwaters, Kakkathuruthu is a hidden island. That has a unique name that meant to the ‘Island of Crows’.

Reachable only by boat, this hidden gem offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. Among the lush greenery and pristine waters, it meanwhile offers a serene setting for a retreat. Explore the narrow canals, witness local fishing methods, and meanwhile unwind in the lap of nature.

11: Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary – Urban Oasis in Kochi

Amidst the urban landscape of Kochi lies the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary. It is a hidden oasis for bird watchers and nature lovers. This green haven is home to a number of foreign birds.

That firstly offers a quiet escape within the city limits. Stroll along the walking paths and observe the avian residents. Above all, revel in the juxtaposition of nature’s peace against the bustling city backdrop.

12: Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple – Historical Marvel in Thiruvananthapuram

Tucked away in the southern reaches of Kerala, lies the Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple. It stands as a symbol to the state’s rich history. Carved out of a single rock, this ancient temple shows minute rock cut design.

That dates back further to the 8th century. The temple complex contains various chambers with statues and inscriptions. They meanwhile offers a glimpse into Kerala’s cultural and building culture.


Now we draw the curtains on this journey through offbeat destinations in Kerala. That is visible that the state has much more to offer than its famous tourist spots. It contains from misty hills to serene beaches, cultural villages to hidden islands.

In short, each place adds a unique hue to the vibrant charms of Kerala’s beauty. As you plan your schedule, try venturing into these lesser known corners. There, the true essence of God’s Own Country unfolds further in various ways.

Whether you seek adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a quiet retreat. These offbeat destinations in Kerala are ready to embrace you with open arms.

So, pack your bags and let curiosity be your guide. Embark further on a journey that passes the usual. Its a journey through the unseen wonders of Kerala.