Sunder Nursery, Delhi: History, Timings, How to Reach and More

Delhi is home to some of the most magnificent historical wonders that tell people more about the history of the state. The vast history of Delhi can be understood and learnt with the help of all the structures and monuments present in Delhi and Sunder Nursey in Delhi is also one such wonderful place where people can go and know more about the history of the place as well as enjoy themselves with their friends. 

In this simple blog, we will be sharing with you information about this awesome and magnificent nursery that is also home to six world heritage monuments. So, if you are interested in visiting this awesome park then, you can surely get to know all the information here like sunder nursery nearest metro station and ticket prices. 

Overview of Sunder Nursery 

Sunder Nursery formerly known as Azim Bagh or Bagh-e-Azeem is one of the biggest heritage parks in Delhi that is home to a number of world heritage monuments. The park dates back to the 16th century and has a vast history which is why the place also has a historical significance along with being a very awesome spot to have a picnic with friends and family members.

Situated adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb, this park falls under the Central Public Works Department (CPWD). The park has been present in Delhi for a very long time but the government over the past few years have taken the opportunity to remodel the park and make it even more outstanding than it originally was. 

Spread across an area of 69 acres, the park is home to a lot of monuments as we have stated above and a large variety of flowers and trees which makes the park a brilliant spot for picnics and relaxation. While the park has been said to have a history dating back to the 16th century, it is said that the park was formally established in the 20th century under the Mughal era. In 2007, the park was taken up by government agencies for remodeling where a lot of new things were added to the park to make it more brilliant and magnificent. 

What is the History of Sunder Nursery?

Before we tell you about the important information abouta the park like sunder nursery tickets price, you also need to know about the history of the park and the things that you will get to know about when you visit the park. 

As we have stated earlier, the park was established during the Mughal era after which, it was handed to the Britishers and finally after independence, India gained control over the nursery. Earlier the park was just famous as a park with historical monuments however, in 1940, CPWD took over and started developing the place as a nursery. The park is still under construction as more than 20 acres of the land are still being developed. 

What is the perfect time to visit Sunder Nursery?

Now that you know about the history of the place, I am sure that you are definitely interested in visiting this beautiful place where you can be one with nature as well as the history of Delhi. The park is open all days of the week which means that you do not need to worry too much about visiting the place on a specific day. 

The park is open from 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM all days of the week and if you are looking for the nearest metro station to Sunder nursery then, let me tell you that you need to use the metro station Lajpat Nagar situated on Pink and violet lines of delhi metro. 

What are the ticket prices of Sunder Nursery?

The prices of the place vary as adults need to buy a ticket of Rs 40 to visit the park whereas, children below 12 and senior citizens only need to pay Rs 20 for the ticket. Foreign nationals need to buy a ticket of Rs 200 and you will be happy to know that the ticket prices do not vary for weekdays and weekends which makes the experience of visiting the place more exciting. The nursery is completely free for children under 5 years old and you do not need to buy any ticket for a kid under 5. 

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