Puzzle break established in the year 2013, since then the escape room become a brand. The headquarters is situated in Seattle, later growing to conquer different parts of the world. 

The puzzle break escape room is popularly known for its team building activities

It is a brand for twists, genuine thrills a margin of challenges that fulfill a game to be interactive. 

The company also stepped in the virtual world, by introducing virtual escape room games. Without compromising the team building ideas designed by Andrea Chin. The remarkable storylines and the mesmerizing designs stood at the heart of the escape game of the puzzle break. 

As it is said, the puzzle break’s virtual escape a set mark for the team building activities. They also put a great start to develop communication skills and remote collaborations.

What can be accomplished by playing this game with your team? We’ll note some of the points regarding the benefits and understand how this benefits the team-building activity.  

The puzzles are the center of attraction to escape rooms. Playing puzzles has three main perspectives, they are: boost mood, reset the mental capacity. And team building practice where co-workers connect. 

Puzzles can be a 3D manipulating physical objects or a pattern-matching piece. That give a perfect place for an introvert to mingle with others and also a great way to exchange ideas. Virtual escape room game helps people who don’t work together especially the remote workers. To experience the new reality from the boring and hectic remote works.  

puzzle break virtual escape room game

Plan the events accordingly to be a perfect team-building activity. Your team will benefit the play-in puzzle break and strengthen your relation with co–workers. 

All the participants join the virtual platform. The staff will give the introduction and outline of the story, rules and strategies. Everyone is organized into individual teams of players. Each team will have a digital set of clues, puzzles that need to be worked to solve it. 

This escape room will give us the perfect opportunity to learn. And experience a different way for learning new skills within a certain time limit. Some companies had seen success in remote working, to regenerate and enhance their work force the virtual escape games

Honolulu is the largest city of Hawaii. And Hawaii is filled with beaches and museums and Honolulu has its tourist destinations, brilliant water activities, and exciting adventures. Above all, One such activity is the escape rooms.

There are other escape room games, encourage team building. One such place that fulfills the requirement is Honolulu. The city has the best escape rooms listed below. Try one from them and enrich yourself with the new technology. 

If you are in the city or visited the city, the must-visit thrilling attraction is the escape room games. Try the best escape rooms in Honolulu within the city.

Escape Room with A Clue, Honolulu

This destination give an off-the-grid gaming experience, takes back ones’ soul to childhood. If you are searching for a better place to build your team’s strength. Then this place definitely help you.

Chambers Escape Games Honolulu, with the innovative technology this escape room is designed. The puzzle flow is carefully craft to hold the excitement and fun of the game. Apart from the traditional escape games this escape rooms also conduct virtual reality games. As trap in a locked room, trap in a virtual platform.

Breakout, Honolulu, it is one of the highly rated escape room in Honolulu live-action of adventure that . Welcomes you with your family, friends and co-workers. This company has perfect puzzles that test your memory. This will help your team to develop interaction and grow as a strongest team. With unique themes and the advanced technology this escape room top top-rated. 

Enjoy the best team building activity like escape rooms and get engage with the adventurous world


The escape rooms became the brand for team building. And the virtual escape room games work for the remote teams. The virtual escape rooms are the new trending topic of the gaming world. Keep you and your team exciting and engaging. Accordingly, People are adapting the unique theme and concept very rapidly. 

They not only engage you with the mesmerizing themes, help us to gain knowledge and acquire new learning skills in a different way. The escape room games design to the next game based learning technique for the new generation.

So why do you want to think to experience the new innovative game. All of sudden, Give yourself a trial and participate in the play and increase your connections and interactions.