Teeth Whitening London Ontario Treatment and Types 2024

teeth whitening London Ontario

Teeth whitening is a procedure for teeth that can transform stained or discoloured teeth into sparkling white, shining teeth using teeth whitening technology and The LED Light System, and premium bleaching products that stimulate the degradation of the gel for teeth whitening London Ontario that can transform stained teeth into bright, white and natural-looking ones. 

How do you cause teeth to become either black or yellow and discoloured?

Black, yellow or dark tooth stains result from two primary causes:

Staining is extrinsic.

  • Foods and drinks contain chemicals like pre-chromogens, chromogens or tannins, for example, coffee, tea and soft drinks, red wine, certain dark-coloured fruit, and vegetable juices. 

These can harm the teeth and bond to the tooth enamel. This causes the formation of black, yellow, or brown stains, making the teeth appear more dark.

  • Nicotine and tar found in tobacco: Nicotine in cigarettes can be a significant cause of tooth discolouration, yellowing or dark teeth.

Smoking causes the accumulation of plaque, which is the leading cause of gum tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal gum disease, as well as numerous other dental issues.

How Many Kinds Of Treatment For Teeth Whitening?

There are two kinds of teeth whitening London Ontario  which are well-known and accepted:

Philips Zoom teeth whitening products (hospital or clinic-based) are a treatment for whitening teeth that utilizes high-performance gels for tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide and energy waves. 

Using a blue LED with an adjustable light that has three intensities on teeth can dissolve dull stains and reveal more white teeth following the procedure without damaging the tooth’s enamel. The result will depend on the condition of each person’s teeth.

Home bleaching (Philips Zoom products),, also known as at-home tooth whitening, is the method to bleach your teeth at home with the teeth whitening kit comprising trays and whitening gel. 

The dentist will take an impression of your mouth in the hospital, create the trays for teeth whitening, provide the initial teeth whitening London Ontario treatment, and then give you an at-home teeth-whitening kit to continue whitening your teeth at home. 

Teeth whitening services at home is a great way to brighten your teeth and is suitable for people who don’t have time or would like to improve the level of whiteness to a satisfactory degree.

How Can I Prepare To Zoom Whitening Teeth?

The dentist will determine the oral cavity and state of the teeth to assess the colour of the teeth before beginning the teeth-whitening process. When limestone is present, the dentist will take out the tartar, clean the teeth, or fill any cavities prior to bleaching in order for the gel to perform at its maximum efficiency.

The dentist places the tongue, cheeks, the lips, cheeks and gum barrier as a gel to protect the gums and other tissues to stop whitening gels from coming into contact with the gum tissue and buccal tissues within the mouth. 

He also wears special blue light blocking glasses to safeguard eyesight when performing the teeth whitening London Ontario process.

The dentist can use an instrument to blow dry the teeth. Then, they will apply the gel to whiten the teeth.

The dentist uses the Zoom gadget’s WhiteSpeed Blue LED to trigger that gel polish’s ability to dissolve and go into the enamel layer to get rid of stains and turn the brown, yellow, or dull black tooth into more white-coloured teeth.

What Are The Following Steps Of Zoom Whitening Treatment?

The dentist recommends refraining from smoking for a minimum of one week following treatment, and avoid drinking and eating foods which can cause tooth discoloration. This includes coffee, tea soft drinks, red wine, deep-colored juices of fruit, and foods that are high in acid.

The dentist can prescribe painkillers, such as Ponstan, Nurofen, or Arcoxia to ease the pain of tooth pain or sensitive teeth.

Do not drink hot or cold drinks for a time to avoid sensitive teeth.

The dentist suggests a regular oral hygiene schedule, including cleaning teeth and gums, flossing and brushing twice a day to prevent plaque buildup, and keeping a white smile for a long time. To get this treatment you must check teeth whitening cost in Ontario before treatment.

Plan an appointment for an oral health exam by a qualified dentist at least once every six months.

What Are The Benefits Of Zoom Teeth Treatment For Whitening?

No harm to enamel dentin, enamel, or the natural structure of teeth

Secure, without major negative side effects and completely free of pain during treatment.

The ability to repeat the process of whitening teeth without limitation, whether in the hospital or at home, at any time and anywhere, as long as needed.

What Are The Negatives In Teeth Whitening?

Whitening teeth can result in sensitive teeth or irritation to the gum tissue. However, the signs will last a couple of days before disappearing.

Teeth-whitening treatments might not be suitable for patients with grey, purple or freckled teeth due to antibiotic therapy.

Teeth whitening London Ontario treatments do not alter the colour of any other dental products, such as dentures, fillings and veneers. These will appear as white as natural teeth following the bleaching or treatment.

Do Treatments To Whiten Teeth Actually Whiten Teeth?

The best teeth-whitening products can help in whitening teeth. There are many types of teeth whitening that are available, depending on the state of each tooth and the products for teeth whitening. The effects of teeth whitening London Ontario last between six months to a year. 

After that, the colour of your teeth begins to darken as a result of daily eating and drinking. But, it is possible to continue the treatment whenever they want without impacting the dentin.

Who Could Benefit From Whitening Treatment For Teeth?

The tooth whitening procedure is regarded as a gold-standard dental procedure that helps whiten the teeth of patients with black, yellow-brown, and discoloured teeth to improve their appearance and enhance the look of the patient’s smile. People who get the benefit of tooth whitening are:

Anyone looking for a beautiful, clean smile? Sparkling one with confidence.

The people who want a beautiful appearance, flawless appearance, and a pleasant smile to impress the people they meet.

People who love drinking wine, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and deep-colored juices.

  • The ones who like spicy, sour, or hot food.
  • Smokers
  • Patients with dark or yellow teeth are a result of medical treatment.

How Long Will The Bleached White Teeth Keep?

After the teeth whitening London Ontario treatment is completed, The whitening of teeth will last between six months to a year, contingent on the regular oral hygiene routines. Inattention to a routine of daily hygiene could cause teeth to darken. 

So, making the appointment of a dentist every six months for a check of the dental and oral health is recommended to maintain the brightness of your teeth for a longer time.

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