How Your Poor Oral Hygiene affects Your Overall Health

Poor Oral Hygiene affects Your Overall

Your mouth contains harmful bacteria which can be the reason for bad dental health. It is necessary to see a dentist from time to time for your routine checkups and mouth cleanings in every six months. This can help you to take care of your oral health and maintain better hygiene habits. Go through this blogpost to know how your dental health can affect your overall condition.

Connection between dental hygiene and overall health

Good oral health care can help to strengthen natural defense of your body against disease. This is a suitable way to keep bacteria under control. When you suffer from bad dental health PROBLEM, it allows bacteria in the mouth to reach higher levels which can cause oral infections. It can be the reason for periodontal disease affecting your teeth and gums, causing tooth decay. This lets infections to enter your remaining body, thus compromising overall health.

Maintaining healthy teeth and strong gums is a major commitment for practicing good oral hygiene habits. You can avoid costly dental procedures and it will also be beneficial for your overall health. Good health is the gift we give ourselves so that we can live and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

How oral hygiene affects your overall health

Good dental health is much more than maintaining your teeth. It is necessary to have good oral health so that there may not be other health complications. If you already have oral concerns from diseases like diabetes, see a dentist to overcome them quickly.


This usually occurs due to an infection which seems to be life-threatening inflammation of inner lining of the valves and chambers of heart. There are cases when excessive bacteria in your mouth may be the reason for endocarditis in people having higher risk factor for getting heart disease. Poor oral hygiene can be the reason behind it as the bacteria multiple and can enter into the bloodstream and even travel to your heart.

Cardiovascular disease

Periodontal infections may be the reason for immune response or systematic inflammation which increases the chances of getting cardiovascular risk. As per research, clogged arteries, strokes and cardiovascular disease might be linked with infections caused due to oral bacteria. Improper dental hygiene causes increased bacteria in your mouth which infect gums leading to gum disease. This excess amount of bacteria travels into the bloodstream causing inflammation and damage of your blood vessel. This leads to the creation of small blood clots which may be the reason for heart attacks or strokes.

Pregnancy and birth complications

As per the CDC, near about 60 to 75% of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis. This may take place due to change in hormones at the time of pregnancy. Gingivitis is an early stage of periodontal disease which makes the gums gets swollen and red. Improper dental health at the time of pregnancy can be the reason for low birth weight, pre-eclampsia, gingival tissue ulcerations, premature delivery, tooth loss, dental erosions, mouth dryness and pregnancy tumours.


As per studies, the risk of pneumonia seemed to be higher in people who experienced dental concerns such as cavities and missing teeth. This happens when a group of people who brush daily and get their teeth cleaned regularly by the professionals. When there are excess harmful bacteria in your mouth, it can be the reason for tooth decay and similar dental issues causing infection. This may to your lungs, heart and to the remaining body. Pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis are some respiratory diseases which occur due to bad dental hygiene.

How you can protect your dental health

You can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria by practicing good oral hygiene habits and keep your teeth and gums in good condition. Once you practice the habit of maintaining good oral health, it will be easy for you to adhere to it.

  • You need to brush teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush and toothpaste at least two times daily. Brush thoroughly for getting maximum effect. Use gentle circular motions to eliminate plaque and give your tongue a gentle brushing.
  • Make sure you floss once daily to remove small food particles completely. This can eliminate food particles from between the teeth and stimulate your gums. It can lessen inflammation and plaque.
  • Rinse mouth properly to lessen acid levels in your mouth and clean the areas which are not easy to reach with a tooth brush.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth in good hydration which is beneficial for your overall health. Drinking water after eating can wash out food particles and get rid of negative effects of acidic or sticky foods and beverages. It can lessen teeth stains too.
  • Eat foods which are beneficial for your teeth like fresh and crunchy vegetables and fruits. These are good for your teeth as they have healthy fibre. It is advisable to restrict the intake of acidic and sugary foods as they may erode the tooth enamel. Damaged tooth enamel leads to cavities which might be the reason for dental and health problems. If you can consume acidic fruits, teas and coffee, try and drink water afterwards to lessen the effects.

By practicing these habits, it is possible to maintain your oral health and overall condition. It is necessary that you conduct two routine checkups in a year with the dentist and the hygienist. Clean teeth properly when the dentist will remove accumulation of plaque and check for the presence of cavities as well as other dental health concerns. The connection between oral hygiene and its effects on your overall health are many. Make sure you practice the habit of healthy dental habits to prevent gum disease and further health complications. Consult with your dentist who can tell how poor dental hygiene can affect your health so that you can improve and maintain it. You can visit to book a consultation and learn more about maintaining good oral hygiene habits and start taking care of your overall well-being consultation and learn more about maintaining good.