Examining The Pathways Of Pollution-Induced Cancer


Pollution has been a very big issue that modern society is still dealing with. Water, air, and soil all suffer from the effects of environmental degradation due to unchecked development and human recklessness. Cutting down trees, excessive plastic usage, the dilution of harmful chemicals into natural elements, and the impact of global warming represent just a handful of examples of the root causes behind today’s extensive pollution. It is an established fact that pollution gives birth to chronic health problems. Even in the case of cancer, studies have clearly found that pollution in the environment has one of the key roles to play. 

People suffering from cancer witness an abnormal harmful cell growth division inside their bodies formed through one or multiple tumors. Cancer eventually keeps spreading if not treated rightly at the right time, impacting the whole internal immune system, which has the potential to become fatal. Owing to the success of medical science, there are numerous ways to fight cancer today in the Allopathy way of treatment. But majorly for the last two decades, Ayurvedic treatment has done exceptionally well in terms of treating cancer. Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospitals are known to be one of the best cancer hospital in Kerala.

Why Is Ayurvedic Treatment Getting Acknowledged By People?

In previous times when the concepts of Ayurvedic treatment were not very popular among the people, the masses could only have to access Allopathy treatment. It cannot be denied that Allopathy cures chronic issues, including cancer but the side effects that come along with it are not negligible. Additionally, it also poses a significant financial burden in a progressing country like India

But because the Ayurvedic treatment is only based on natural supplements and remedies, they are naturally a lot more pocket-friendly and, hence, accessible towards the common man. Another advantage lies in the fact that herbal supplements and ways of healing any severe issue are side-effect-free. Owing to the success of Ayurvedic treatment for chronic illnesses like cancer and the growing awareness among today’s generation, Ayurvedic treatment has become an equal alternative treatment for most major health problems, including cancer. Instead of only focusing on providing symptomatic-based treatment, it tries to find out the root causes of the present issue and tries to uproot the problem from the core of the body. Thanks to the success ratio achieved through Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, there is no lack of the best cancer hospital in Kerala.

Brief Knowlege About Pollution

Pollution occurs when harmful substances, known as pollutants, enter soil, air, and water. Pollution is largely a human-made problem, resulting from sources such as manufacturing, energy production, farming, flying, driving, shipping and more. Wildfires are another source of air pollution, just like home fireplaces. Still, the level and type of pollution also depend on where a person lives. People who live in communities with high exposure towards pollution face serious health effects, which also include an increased risk for certain types of cancers. For example, residents living close to high-volume roads or highways may face a lot more exposure to air pollution in comparison with others who do not.

Relation Between Pollution And Cancer

As discussed earlier, pollution and cancer are directly connected. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that pollution is one of the biggest reasons behind the increasing numbers of cancer patients. Air pollution is considered to be one of the major reasons behind lung cancer in people. Pollution in water and soil can lead to stomach and breast cancers very easily. Studies have claimed that pollution causes 10% of all cancer cases in Europe.

How Ayurveda Comes As A Savior?

Vedic Chemistry is one of the branches of Ayurveda and it is famously known as Rasa Shastra (The science of Mercury). Rasa shastra is very significant in Indian culture because a correctly produced herbs-mineral preparation has the properties of Rasayana which we call immunomodulation as well as anti-aging quality in the first place. Talking about disease treatment, Rasa Bahamas consists of the property of Yogavahi which is the medicine’s ability to target medications to the spot. Besides, it is nontoxic, easily absorbed into the body, adaptable, and assimilable.

According to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, cancer takes place in the body due to an imbalance of the three doshas:  Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Such imbalance inside the body causes the rise of tumors which eventually results in cancer. Rasa Bhasma is basically a well-practised chemotherapy in Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. There are multiple Rasa Bhasmas used in Ayurveda for cancer treatment, 

  • Swarna Bhasma
  • Rajata Bhasma 
  • Tamra Bhasma
  • Lauha Bhasma
  • Vanga Bhasma and so on.

These Bhasmas mix with multiple Mulikas (medicinal elements extracted from plants and herbs) and undergo many different purification stages to ensure zero toxicity in the final extract. The final extract of these bhasmas has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulatory properties, which help to fight the battle against cancer and strengthen the body’s natural immune system against harmful cancerous cells. Unlike chemo or radiotherapy, which tend to kill the natural and healthy cells of the human body as well. 

Ways Of Prevention Through Ayurvedam

With rapidly growing pollution and the prevalence of synthetic surroundings, conscious individuals have begun seeking ways to reconnect with natural elements, and one of the most prominent choices is Ayurveda.

From toothpaste to medication, people are trying to go all herbal over the products made out of artificial components. 

  • According to Ayurvedic treatment, eating healthy and having a diet that consists of fresh green veggies and fruits are definitely some of the key elements when it comes to building a healthy robust immune system. 
  • Drinking green tea on a regular basis can prevent the formation of harmful cancerous cells inside the human body as it includes antioxidants.
  • Meditation and yoga are integral parts of creating a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Exercises such as breathing techniques and some stretching are extremely helpful in terms of creating natural immunity. On the other hand, meditation helps in keeping the mind calm and composed by striking a great balance between the body and the mind. 
  • The consumption of vitamins D and C does wonders according to facts, proven in studies when it comes to building health that is capable of fighting multiple chronic health problems including cancer. 
  • Natural elements like ashwagandha, garlic and turmeric come as saviours, especially when destroying cancerous cells. Ayurvedic treatment has come up with multiple products based on these natural elements. 


Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospitals are known as the best cancer hospital in Kerala. The hospital includes a great experienced team of practitioners as well as researchers to look after their patients. Not only that, but an experienced team of therapists is also available to restore the mental damage caused by this grave disease. Growing awareness, evolved infrastructure, accurate information, access to the right places of treatment and practitioners, and the impressive success rate of its patients have elevated Ayurvedic treatment, making it renowned not only in India but also overseas. All Ayurvedic researchers and practitioners have dedicated their lives to creating the finest environment and providing the best treatment towards the people.

On the other hand, thanks to the growth in terms of awareness among the people, a lot of anti-pollution movements are taking place. People are slowly realising the disastrous outcomes pollution can lead to. Hence, there is a slow but steady urge among the population to cut down the pollution from the environment.