Truth About Amethyst Silver Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry

The purple shades of amethyst is considere to be a natural healer for the mind. By bringing down the stress and anxiety levels, it pacifies the mind. The bluish shades of amethyst have that natural glow of blue color which emanates tranquility. With a calm and composed mindset, the person is able to take important decisions in his life with a positive mindset.

Amethyst Silver is one of the 7 ancient metals discovere by prehistoric man.

(The other six are gold, iron, tin, lead, mercury and copper) .

From that time on it was use many times for various purposes such as celebrating milestones important, currency, beliefs and sacred ceremonies.

One of the most widespread uses of silver that has been popular for centuries is jewelry.

In fact, in this modern period, silver is appreciated all over the world for its ornamental value.

But you will be surprised to learn that most silver jewelry you come across in the jewelry market is not actually Amethyst silver.

In most (if not all) cases, this will be Amethyst Silver jewelry.

But why is Amethyst Silver considered a better source for engraved jewelry and ornaments, even though Amethyst Silver is universally appreciated for its beauty and elegance.

What is Amethyst Silver jewelry?

If you are new to the world of gemstones and jewelry, you certainly do not know the difference between Amethyst Silver.

From appearance, the two are very similar.

Behind the scenes, however, things are quite different.

Amethyst Silver is 100% pure silver, which is an alloy of pure silver and copper.(More of these amazing facts are emerging. Keep reading) Every piece of silver gemstone jewelry is made from 92.5% pure, pure silver. This silver percentage is often coded as 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. However, the twist of the story is the remaining 7.5% copper. The overall composition of Amethyst Silver contains only a small amount of copper, making it ideal for jewelry production.

Why is Amethyst Silver ideal for jewelry?

Amethyst Silver is undoubtedly the most natural and ethereal form of silver. It is essentially raw money itself.

However, because it is too soft, it breaks easily and cannot withstand the tedious mechanical process of jewelry making.

This is where Amethyst Silver comes in.

The addition of copper gives Amethyst Silver jewelry complete stability, hardness and durability.

without sacrificing the royal and gorgeous gray of the iconic silver. This is the icing on the cake.

In short, copper basically has two properties that make it an ideal addition to Amethyst Silver jewelry:

Copper Ductility: It gives Amethyst Silver ductility

Copper Ductility: It brings stability and hardness to jewelry

Is copper added to silver?

Well, there are a few downsides to this little addition of copper and silver to make Amethyst Silver jewelry.

On top of that, the addition of copper is sometimes the reason why your jewelry rarely turns black.

but it certainly won’t cause the jewelry to rust or rot.

This black layer is not worrying either. A few wipes with a jewelry cloth soaked in a homemade jewelry cleaning solution can restore the beauty of your sparkling silver gemstone jewelry.

Here are the most amazing facts about Amethyst Silver jewelry…

There is no doubt that gemstones and jewelry have always been an important factor in bringing out the charm and beauty of your outfit and your personality.

They were adored for being “real costume jewelry”.

But jewelry lovers all over the world still complain about adorning themselves with this beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Some people are allergic to certain metals (and they don’t even know it).

If they accidentally come into contact with this metal, through the precious stones with which they adorn themselves, the consequences could be disastrous, causing skin problems.

For example, One report concluded that almost 10% of people are allergic to metals such as copper and nickel.

Contact with these metals or jewelry with these metals may cause skin redness, skin irritation and irritation, swelling, itching and persistent scratching.

Amethyst Silver jewelry is hypoallergenic.

Simply put, it won’t leave any signs of allergy or problem on your skin. This way you can wear it without worrying about side effects or allergies.

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Amethyst Silver jewelry is an excellent, high quality choice in most situations metal will not rust or deteriorate, and if you take good care of your jewelry, it will retain its luster for a long time.

Even descendants should be able to inherit your silver jewelry.

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