What is the Best & Important Curriculum Vitae Format in 2023?

What is the best CV format in 2023?

Importance of Wisely Selecting the Correct Format for Curriculum Vitae.

The CV builds up the first impression of the hiring manager. Curriculum Vitae is the first connection between employer and employee. That’s why choosing the correct format for curriculum vitae is essential. The Reverse chronological CV (traditional), function CV (skill-based), and Combination CV (hybrid) formats are the three top formats used to make some high-quality curriculum vitae in 2023. Whether you choose chronological or skill-based curriculum vitae format, focus on mentioning relative information in the job description for hiring quickly and easily.

Reverse Chronological Curriculum Vitae Best Format of 2023.

The chronological CV, also termed reverse chronological CV or traditional CV format, is the best and most popular CV format used in 2023. Reverse chronological curriculum vitae is pre-eminent, especially for experienced contestants.

How Do You Create a Reverse Chronological Template Curriculum Vitae?

In chronological curriculum vitae, the candidate’s academic progression and professional experience are listed in reverse chronological order from the starting job experience until the end or continuing. You will first list down the continuing or last job experience, then mention the other in sequence because the hirer is not interesting in knowing your previous academic and professional skills. They want to know your present skill instead of knowing the skill when you started the job. CV Maker Dubai guides properly in creating high-quality reverse chronological curriculum vitae. Mention your company name, the date when you started the job until the end, and your designation post because the hiring manager first looks at all these things. Suppose you are a fresh graduate and have less experience. In that case, it is essential to mention your academic section upward of your professional experience section, but both sections are listed chronologically.

The Reason for Using Reverse Chronological Format Curriculum Vitae.

The chronological template is an excellent and ordinary type of CV used nowadays. Recruiters prefer the reverse chronological curriculum vitae format to give a perfect overview of the candidate’s academic and professional history.

Advantages of Choosing Reverse Chronological Curriculum Vitae.

In reverse chronological or traditional template, academic excellence and professional experience are listed sequentially, allowing the hirer to observe your professional growth quickly and easily. Reverse chronological curriculum vitae is the best option for candidates with a lot of professional experience because they can show their experience in an orderly manner.

Disadvantages of Reverse Chronological Curriculum Vitae.

This template draws the attention of hiring managers toward the gap in candidate’s academic and professional history. It is sometimes tricky to write a CV in sequence, memorize the most recent job first, and remember the order of professional experience.

Functional Format of Curriculum Vitae.

The functional format is also termed a skill-based Curriculum Vitae. The functional curriculum vitae template pivots on the candidate’s skills. The functional format focuses on the candidate’s expertise, achievements, performance, and competence.

How Do You Create a Functional Template Curriculum Vitae?

Candidate’s skills are listing one after the other in the functional curriculum vitae template. Different skills such as marketing skills, communication skills, delegation skills, administrative skills, marketing skills, customer services, etc. are listing with a heading in the functional CV template. You can add if you work voluntarily as an intern. The functional template mainly focuses on skills rather than professional experience. The functional format of the curriculum does not focus on the history of the candidate’s professional experience.

Advantages of Choosing the Functional Format of Curriculum Vitae.

It is the best way to illustrate your qualifications and skills and highlight the achievements gained by the candidate. The functional format is best to use, especially when a candidate has a lot of professional gaps and a few professional experiences. A functional format is suitable to choose from while changing careers.

Disadvantages of Functional CV Format

It focuses on skills and does not demonstrate part of the candidate’s history. The hiring manager might be averse to the functional curriculum vitae format.

Combination Format of Curriculum Vitae.

A combination format is also termed a hybrid format Curriculum Vitae. Combination formats are a mixture of both chronological and functional formats. It focuses on both the professional experience and skills achievements of candidates. Combination format CVs are the best option if you have several years of working experience and various skills.