The Impact Of Technology On Assignment Writing Techniques


It might be more divisive to use technology in the writing process. People see it as a composing device that assists with further developing the creative cycle, while some see it as an easy route understudies use to pro a paper. A few understudies are hesitant to involve innovation in the study hall for various reasons. Most importantly, a few of us grew up before the inescapable reception of PCs. Subsequently, this paper can’t resist the urge to have a nostalgic vibe to it.

No matter what your situation, you should acknowledge the viability of innovation in the composing position. To assist kids with composing better, we should confront our nerves and vulnerabilities and embrace innovation. Composing has changed after some time.

These days, individuals impart their perspectives uniquely in contrast to what they did before. Some students still need to present better-written papers with frequent writing errors despite exposure to various technologies like text editors. This ultimately lowers the standard of their work as a whole.

Benefits Of Technology For Writing:

Let’s look at some of the online resources that can help students write better:

Written Communication Is In Great Demand:

 We can infer that textual communication is thriving from the abundance of internet engagement venues. The Web is packed with informing programs like Vibe, Skype, and WhatsApp, and essentially every long-range interpersonal communication stage has its own informing stage. Understudies currently have more open doors than at any other time in recent memory to uninhibitedly cooperate.

Technology Supports Educators:

 Our educational system’s unfortunate fact is that the majority of teachers deal with sizable classes of students. The learning process is made more challenging since lecturers are unable to spend adequate time on each student individually. Technology can, however, work in tandem with teachers to support independent learning among pupils.

Strengthens Research Abilities:

The largest source of academic materials is by far the internet. We don’t need to go beyond Wikipedia, but there are so many online libraries and learning resources a student can quickly discover while browsing the net.

Supports Inventiveness:

 The Internet does more than just advance research abilities. All things considered, it additionally affects children’s imaginativeness. Why would that be? The thought is clear: youths learn new things online, get to see others’ opinions on specific issues, and get motivation for their own endeavors. Young writers will be able to improve and produce more imaginative articles and tasks in this way.

Children Get Better Marks:

 We simply must discuss this advantage of using technology in writing because it is a youngster’s favorite. Students start receiving better grades as their writing skills continue to improve. Online writing tools provide a wonderful side effect that pleases teachers, students, and their parents.

Technology Saves Time:

 Kids throw away life on things like style corrections or paper altering when they have an excessive number of tasks to finish. Websites with excellent essay writing services like Assignment Writers in Dubai are available in such cases.

Encourage Teamwork:

 Genuine collaboration boosters include platforms for communication and writing. With the aid of these resources, students can finish group assignments and develop their teamwork skills. This is advantageous for kids’ writing, but it’s also a chance for them to learn new skills. For instance, kids can learn the value of helping out colleagues, grow in empathy, and hone soft skills like communication with others.

Focus & Consideration:

 Since the creation of online information is frequently made public, students must carefully consider each word they use and take care not to use it inappropriately. Many children grow attentive and thoughtful as a result of this. They start to focus on subtleties and upgrade their general abilities to compose.

The Drawbacks Of Technology In Writing:

If pupils don’t know how to use technology appropriately, it also has certain drawbacks. Without further ado, let’s look at this phenomenon’s drawbacks.

Children Emphasize Short Forms:

Despite the fact that technology encourages children to write more regularly, they also commonly utilize shorter styles. The emphasis on texting and quick responses among today’s students frequently lowers the standard of their academic writing in general. Many students are currently having trouble writing clear, organized text for larger forms. Children who are in later stages of education may find this to be a burden.

Too Many Students Rely On Technology:

Another issue is the rising emergence of digital addiction among pupils. Without the aid of writing platforms, we’ve seen a lot of youngsters start writing who couldn’t even come up with a notion. It’s not a good trend because kids need to learn how to be autonomous and work alone to improve their writing abilities. However, given how quickly technology is developing, it’s difficult to see anyone giving up online resources in favor of relying solely on mental fortitude.

Less Time To Pay Attention:

 It might be challenging to get students to pay attention in a world where information is available nearly immediately. Due to students’ lack of interest in connecting with and learning more about the subject, the subject of students’ shortening attention spans has gained importance in academic circles. This also implies that it will become more challenging to have students practice writing and educate them on how to develop engaging content.


The prior issue is closely related to this one. Because they can simply copy and paste the text they discovered online, some students simply don’t want to produce original papers.


Because everything is automated by online tools, some educators worry that pupils may even lose their creative abilities. Writing platforms encourage students to stick to a single writing style, which is never a smart idea for pupils who want to improve their writing abilities.


Online writing services, Google, mobile apps, and social media have a significant influence on how current students think and act. The entire educational system is undergoing a minor revolution, so it’s critical to comprehend how technology affects students’ academic performance.