What are the Documents You Require for Visa Application


The study visa is issued by the embassy to those applicants who want to migrate to their country for study purposes. These days it becomes a trend to move abroad to pursue higher education. Every year thousands of students move to Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, and other countries to establish their careers. Studying abroad brings many opportunities for students as they get knowledge about the real world, become independent, explore diverse cultures, and many more. Apart from this, they also have to face some difficulties such as homesickness and culture shock. Moreover, they also have to go through a lengthy and risky visa process. Because a single mistake can reduce the chance of getting the visa. 

However, every country has its immigration laws. So, to fulfill the requirement of the country’s immigration requirement students have to submit some documents. To show them that they are eligible to study in their country. It is commonly seen that fraudulent and improper document is the major reason for visa refusal. So, before submitting your file make sure that you are submitting the proper and accurate documents. So, you can also contact the study visa consultants to get professional guidance. In addition, they will also tell you about the documents you have to submit with your visa application. 

Have a look at the documents you need  for your visa application

Acceptance letter

First, you must apply to an institution. A DLI or an international institution will provide you with an acceptance letter for international applicants who want to pursue higher education. Send your acceptance letter or your enrollment records to prove that you selected to study in your home country.

The Enrolment letter

What is the difference between a letter of enrolment and a letter of acceptance? Let’s look at the differences between letters of enrolment and letters of acceptance. 1. Letter of enrolment The letter of enrolment is the official record of your enrolment into the program. 

ID card for students

ISIC gives you access to many discounts at institutions. Of course, you will have to pay a fee to get an ISIC student ID card.

Banking statements

You also have to submit your bank statement as proof of your funds. Every country sets a specific amount for international students that they have in their bank account. Those funds are students’ secure tuition fees. Moreover, funds make sure that students can manage their living expenses with the help of that funds.

A passport and its several copies

The major document is your passport. It is essential for all kinds of visas not only for a student visa. One thing you make sure that your passport has 2-3 blank pages. Moreover, your passport does not expire. In addition, a valid passport and many copies of your passport also show to the authorities responsible for issuing visas. 

A certificate that shows the relationship with your parent

You also have to submit your relationship proof with or guardian. If the money you provide is held under a parent’s name. Then you must provide proof of your relationship with the parent. For that, you can show your Birth certificates or adoption certificates. It is also considered proof of identification and age-proof.

Additional documentation 

In addition to photocopying the medical fitness form, you’ll need to provide proof of your health insurance. You’ll also need to provide fee receipts. If you have a scholarship, please provide a copy. If not, please provide a scholarship certificate. Moreover, if your blood group ID not required, please provide one. If you’re a permanent resident, please provide proof of your permanent address. Once you’ve provided proof of your address, you will need to provide your residence permit. You will also need to provide academic transcripts, as well as other important documents recommended by experts. Contact the top Canada visa consultant to get the best advice on getting your visa approved. 


This is the document list that you will have to provide to the visa-granting officials. If you don’t include them, your visa request may not approved. Also, try to keep fake documents out of your list because it’s not that hard to find fake documents.