Ticket purchased of KBC Company lottery at a stationary point

Players can purchase tickets at special KBC head office kolkata, mobile phone stores or branded stores. If the client indicated a phone number when purchasing a coupon, then the winnings are paid out in the same ways as transfers from online tickets for KBC Company lottery.

Win up to 200 thousand rupees

Small cash prizes are allowed to be receive at the branches of KBC head office Kolkata (up to 1 thousand rupees). Also, payments are made in the salons of KBC Company offices, stationary points of the bookmaker points of the KBC lottery company.

Winning from 2 thousand rupees in KBC Company lottery

Larger amounts of funds can be cash out using the following tools:

  • Transfer to the winner’s bank account.
  • Stationary points “KBC” (up to 100 thousand rupees).
  • Lottery center “KBC” (up to 180 thousand rupees).

Specialized payment centers, the addresses of which are indicate on the company’s website (up to 200 thousand rupees).

When answering the question of how to withdraw KBC money in the amount of up to  1 million rupees, we recommend that you contact the lottery center. When processing large winnings, it is mandatory to check the winning ticket for the possibility of forgery. The visitor must have a valid passport with him.

Winning more than 1 million rupees in KBC Company

In this case, there is only one way – the central office of KBC. Paperwork for large winnings can take several days. Keep in mind that a tax of 13% will be withheld from the withdrawn amount.

Definition of winners

KBC is not a separate lottery, but a brand that combines a large number of products. To determine the winner in some of the games, it is enough to look at the information by erasing the protective field. In others, the winning numbers are determine in television studios with pompous drawings. You can see the status of a particular ticket in a special section on the official KBC website.

Transfer of winnings

Before receiving a prize, the player needs to remember where the ticket was purchase and how much the winnings are. The vast majority of users purchase coupons and order money directly on the company’s resource. Step-by-step instructions for transferring the money received after the draw looks like this:

Authorization on the lottery website.

  • Entering the “Ticket Check” section and obtaining information about a specific coupon.
  • A request to withdraw an amount up to 100 thousand rupees, which will be automatically transfer to the wallet in the system.
  • Small amounts up to 3 thousand rupees are allow to be withdrawn to the balance of the mobile phone account specify during registration.

Also, winnings can be receive at partner offices, and different limits are provided for different partners. Small winnings up to 1 thousand rupees can be pick up at KBC office and KBC head office Kolkata branches. Prizes up to 10 thousand are cash in KBC Company and stores. The payment of large sums provides for a visit to the teaching staff of KBC bookmaker (up to 100 thousand rupees), the KBC lottery company (100 – 200 thousand rupees) or the main office of the KBC company (up to 200 thousand rupees).


The lucky holders of the winning tickets will be able to present the paper coupon, intact and in the original , to the Prize Office of KBC head office Kolkata, which will take care of issuing a special receipt.

Alternatively, you can go to any KBC Company branch in the country and communicate your personal details, address and preferred payment method, choosing between cashier’s check, credit to your bank account or credit to your postal current account.

Similar procedure for those who bought the winning ticket online. In this case, however, the game account holder will have to present a printout of the game reminder.


The first five prizes of the Indian Lottery, starting with the first prize of 5 million rupees, will be reveale during the special episode of the quiz show broadcast immediately after the news starting at 20.30. As also happen in other years, the five prizes in KBC Company lottery will be associate with as many symbols deliver to the 5 passports of the famous people who participate in the match of the final episode of the program.

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