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•           Newly Automatic Car driving: the status lasts three years and has limitations

•           Limitations : engine size, alcohol intake, speed

•           Find out everything you need to know about the restrictions for new drivers!

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If you have just passed your tests and obtained your A or B Automatic car driving lessons

less than three years ago, you should know that for all new drivers the law provides for very specific limitations which must be absolutely respected in order to avoid incurring rather one roust sanctions .

In an attempt to limit road accidents caused by new drivers. The legislator has in fact imposed a series of limits on the speed. And power of the car to be driven by those who have recently obtained their driving license, regulating the issue also from an insurance point of view . It also established specific sanctioning mechanisms. Below we will see all the limits and sanctions for new drivers .

Definition New driver who is he?

First of all it is right to immediately clarify the definition of  a new driver. Who he is and who falls within this definition. Saying that a new driver is simply someone who has recently obtained a driving license is very simplistic. For simplification we could say that a new driver means a person who has obtained an A2, A, B1 or B driving license for less than 3 years . The Highway Code extends its meaning and states that newly licensed means:

The person who had to retake the exam and obtain a new license after the previous one was revoked for infringements which provide for a similar sanction those who have obtaine the A driving license even if they already have the B and military personnel who have requested a conversion of their license foreigners resident in Uk who have requested a conversion of their driving license from foreign .

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All these subjects are considered new drivers by law. Even if they already have a past as motorists and are therefore not new to driving a vehicle. The limitations for them are all the same, whether they apply to a child. Who has just taken an exam or to someone who has had to obtain a different type of driving licence.

The status of new driver has a duration of 3 years and provides for more stringent rules. And heavier sanctions in case of infringements of the Highway Code. Therefore it is important to know all the  limitations , prohibitions. And sanctions in order not to make careless mistakes that could lead to unpleasant consequences.

In the worst cases there is also talk of very high fines and suspension of the Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall. What characterizes new drivers is in fact a tightening of sanctions compared to other drivers due to their presumed inexperience at driving.

Power limits for new drivers

New drivers  can  only drive cars with a maximum power of 55 kW per tone . However, if the vehicle weighs less than or equal to 3,500 kg , the limit is 70 kW per tone . Furthermore, the cars that new drivers can drive cannot exceed  95 horsepower.

Having to calculate the  weight/power ratio , expressed in kW/tare. Has made calculating the power limit of cars for new drivers more complex than having fixed parameters. Choosing a car could therefore represent a problem for those who have just obtained their driving license, partly because they hope to be able to drive the car they already have at their disposal, partly because it is not always easy to understand the specifications of each car , especially when we find ourselves looking at car ads on many online platforms.

However, a very useful web resource comes to the aid of the new driver, namely the website ilportaledellautomobilista. It which allows you to insert the license plates and characteristics of the cars in a special space to understand whether or not they are suitable for new drivers. Furthermore, to help families and those who carry out checks to understand whether the car drive by a new driver. For cars register after 2007 this ratio is require to be indicate on the registration document.

In these cases, however, it must remember that the limit is not valid for 36 months as for the others. But for 12 months , so after the first year from obtaining the license , it is possible to drive any type of vehicle. The sanctions for those who break this first limitation consist of a  fine from a minimum of pond 160  up to pond 641 and  suspension of the driving license for up to 8 months .

Displacement limits for new drivers

Often and completely incorrectly we talk about engine capacity limitations for new drivers : as already mentioned, however. This is an error because the law actually provides for limitations on the power of the vehicles that can drive by those who have obtain the less recent B license of a year. It is therefore necessary to refer to the ratio between KW and tare as required by the Highway Code.

Speed limits for new drivers

The first limits imposed on new drivers, as regulated by article 117 of the Highway Code, concern speed. If as regards urban roads, compare to expert Automatic Driving Lessons Coventry there are no differences and therefore even for  new drivers the speed limits set on urban roads are 50 km/h  (with the exception of the presence of limit traffic areas or areas where lower limits are foreseen), the situation changes with regard to other types of roads.

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