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Chadar Trek, in Leh, is one of the glamorous and glorious treks in India as the trek is full of adventure, thrill, wonderful places etc. this trek is included under the toughest treks to do in India. In this trek, trekkers will find a lot of difficulties and challenges. And one of the most difficult challenges is to cross the frozen river, which is covered with a thick layer of snow. During the trek, trekkers can also interact with the locals of this region. Tourists also enjoy the marvellous mountains, beautiful lakes, frozen rivers, and magnificent waterfalls. It is recommended to trek in the season of winter. Trekking distance of this trek is 62 km.The trek is of 9 days:-

Day 1- Reach Leh by flight

Day 2- Tourists can sightseeing monasteries and Hall of Fame etc.

Day 3- wake up early in the morning for medical tests. In the state of Jammu & Kashmir, medical checkup is necessary, before going for the trek. Also for trekkers, some other documents will be issued such as insurance, wildlife permits etc.

Day 4- Followed by the trek, travel from Leh to Shingra Koma at 11,400 ft and Tsomo Paldar at 0,400 ft.

Day 5- There is a trek of 15 km from Tsomo Paldar to the Tibb Cave, altitude of 10,800 ft.

Day 6- Have to do a trek from Tibb Cave to Nerak at 11,100 ft of 13 km, it will take around 6 to 7 hours.

Day 7- today, a 13 km trek to Tibb Cave from Nerak.

Day 8- Shingra Koma from Tibb Cave at 10,400 ft, covers 13 km, then it will be a drive of 70 km which will take 3 to 4 hours to Leh.

Day 9- Checkout the guesthouse in Leh, next day departure from Leh and fly back home.

Places to Visit

  1. Tilat Sumdo

This place is a campsite for this trek. This place also offers wonderful views of the ranges of Himalayas.

  1. Shinra Koma

This place is 10 km away from Tilat Sumdo. This place also has a scenic viewpoint with a wonderful beauty.

  1. Tibb 

This place is best for clicking amazing pictures. This place consists of the marvellous waterfall and caves. Here, trekkers can also stay at night.

  1. Nerak 

Nerak is the first village of the Zanskar region and tourists would find a frozen waterfall which is very popular here. This village is also a base camp for the trek. Tourists should not miss the sunset view from this place.

  1. Gyalpo 

This place is a campsite for the trek. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of nature.

  1. Dibyokma 

This place is also a campsite for the trek. From this place, tourists are able to see the stunning views of the Himalayas.

  1. Lingshed

Lingshed is one of the oldest and most famous villages in the region of Ladakh. This palace is popular for its oldest monasteries such as Lingshed Monastery.

Tourists also experience many other things-

1.Camping with family members and friends on stargazy    nights.

2. Interacting with the local people of the region and learning 

3. about their lifestyle, culture, it will be an amazing experience.

4. All the places have picturesque views, tourists must click 

5. beautiful and stunning pictures here.

6. Tourists also get a chance to see wild animals such as- foxes, ibex and snow leopards.

7.Tourists also go to see the popular waterfall i.e. frozen waterfall.

8.Tourists can also explore the wonderful caves during the trek.

Suitable Time to Visit Chadar

It is suggested to the trek to Chadar during winters, because in the winter season tourists can enjoy the snowfall. Especially in the month from January to February.

  • Temperature of this place

During the months of January and February, the temperature would be-

At day- -5 degree celsius to -15 degree celsius

At night- -15 degree celsius to -25 degree celsius


So here are all the wonders of the Chadar Trek. Everyone in their lifetime must go for this trek because this trek provides us with the mesmerizing and amazing experiences with beautiful scenic views. This trek is affordable to everyone as its price is not too high. Tourists must visit the village of this region and meet the local people of that place. They will provide them with the best hospitality. And also do not forget to taste one of the delicious local foods of that place. This trek difficulty level is moderate to difficult and non-experienced trekkers should not try to perform this trek. This trek should only be done by experienced trekkers.

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