For a Cool $5,000, You Can Own One Snoop Dogg Song on the Blockchain


Since they can also represent property rights, including intellectual property, musicians and other celebrities have flocked to NFTs recently. So much so that a hip-hop icon, comic book star, and now established NFT entrepreneur Snoop Dogg is turning an entire record label catalog into non-fungible tokens. Here’s the inside of Snoop Dogg’s ambitious plan to turn Death Row Records into NFTs and what that means for the entire music industry. Going beyond the interconnectivity features of NFTs, Animal Concerts is tapping into a market less traveled by many within the Web3 music space.

  • NFT project Clay Nationsays it has launched its official collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici, thus bringing iconic clay animations, land pitches and unlockable music content to Cardano.
  • Snoop Dogg also owns virtual real estate in the Sandbox gaming metaverse.
  • This time around, we wanted to show off some of the dope artists in the web3 world and make sure their voice gets heard on my platform.
  • In truth, the entire concept of NFTs and Snoop’s ambitions plan opens up a ton of opportunities down the line.

“And it’s not just labels,” his son, Cordell Broadus, a.k.a. Champ Medici, added. “It’s movie studios, it’s tech companies, it’s beverage companies … everybody’s rushing to Web3 and they see how big Dogg is in the space.” A liquidity crunch has pushed major crypto players into financial difficulty and given a megaphone to some of the biggest NFT skeptics. The show will focus on global macro issues with a middle eastern context, provide expert analysis of major market moving stories and speak with the biggest newsmakers in the region.

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Bott, who recently exited one of his companies at a 9-figure mark, has been one of the most vocal proponents of NFTs and the blockchain. As a successful entrepreneur with multiple exits, he has since thrown his hat into the blockchain ring. The MetaLabs NFT collection, Meta Bounty Hunters, recently did $18 million in mint revenue in just three weeks, which Bott cites as evidence of growing enthusiasm worldwide. While some companies and investors are sorting out where to place their best bets, popular rapper and nonfungible token collector Snoop Dogg seems to have found his rhythm and is beating many to the market.

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As many NFT purists will tell you, there’s room for everyone in the metaverse. Yet those, like Animal Concerts, who are actively working to make entertainment accessible for everyone, are undoubtedly among the most valuable. To learn more about “A Hard Working Man”, the $ANML token, and the quickly growing Animal Concerts ecosystem, visit the company’s official website here.

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As first reported by Dan Runcie’s Trapital, Dogg had already sold over 8,000 Stash Box NFTs as of Monday February 14, via the Gala Music store (at $5,000 apiece). Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. “We’re excited to continue to create ways to utilize crypto as payment and showcase utility through our Food Fighters Universe NFTs, with access to events and free food with our NFT holders,” Seo said.

The best of MBW, plus the most important music biz stories on the web. Snoop Dogg also owns virtual real estate in the Sandbox gaming metaverse. An individual bought a property next to his property for the equivalent of $450,000 last year. According to Gala Music, holders of Snoop Dogg’s Stash boxes can expect to receive “exclusive drops” such as films, comics, images, and unique concert attendance opportunities.

Biggest Music NFTs in April: Soulja Boy Flop & Snoop Dogg One-Off … – Billboard

Biggest Music NFTs in April: Soulja Boy Flop & Snoop Dogg One-Off ….

Posted: Wed, 03 May 2023 19:48:19 GMT [source]

One such opportunity would be that the ownership of Death Row Records’ NFTs could double as a back-stage pass for the fans, which has the potential to increase the NFTs’ value significantly, affecting the value of the label itself. The downside of this venture is the removal of Death Row-owned IPs from various music streaming services, like Spotify. It would also allow all future Death Row Records artists to perform concerts in the Snoopverse, allowing the company to avoid a mountain of paperwork that would otherwise be involved with performance in digital environments. In truth, the entire concept of NFTs and Snoop’s ambitions plan opens up a ton of opportunities down the line. Canadian rapper Tory Lanez already proved that releasing an album as an NFT is a lucrative undertaking when he made both music and NFT history by releasing his entire album as an NFT.

Speaking with MBW about the future NFTs in December, Aoki’s long-time manager Matt Colon, Global President of Music of talent management firm YM&U, said that, “You’re going to see a lot of changes in the NFT space in the near future”. If all 25,000 sell out by the time the sale ends on Thursday at midnight, Snoop Dogg’s Stash Box NFT’s will have generated total revenues of $125 million. If you miss out on the opportunity or don’t want to spend the $5,000, you’ll have the option to purchase a non-NFT version of Snoop’s new album B.O.D.R. on Feb. 11. There are only 25,000 Snoop Stash Boxes available for purchase, each with a price tag of $5,000. Inside the Stash Box you’ll find one of the 17 tracks featured on the B.O.D.R. album, but in the form of an NFT. There will only be “1,470 NFTs of each song,” so if you want to be the proud owner of one of Snoop’s newest songs, you’ll need to act quickly.

At time of writing, this unique feature was already live, bringing fans into the fold long before the primary sale has been announced. Snoop Dogg’s enthusiasm about the Web 3 space is not limited to the new album; he recently announced that he was turning his label Death Row Records into an NFT label. According to Snoop, community building and giving back to the fans are at the heart of this decision. In his words, “For all of my career, we have made music and charged the fans for everything from tickets to merch, and they could only enjoy the music in return, but now they can own a part of it, trade it and make money off of it.”

Snoop Dogg has stayed relevant through his involvement in the metaverse. He recently partnered with gaming platform The Sandbox to sell “The Snoopverse Early Access Pass” which gives buyers access to experiences in The Snoopverse, his own branded world within The Sandbox platform. There were 5,000 early access passes minted using blockchain technology at the time of its launch. Each one currently costs a bit more than $600, and according to The Sandbox,there are currently 1,114 owners, which means that the sale has generated nearly $700,000 — a significant haircut from the $1.7 million it had generated earlier in the year.

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As music evolves and listeners’ preferences change, artists and musicians are forced to modify their approach and perhaps even adjust their style. Those who don’t might get left behind each time a new wave of music hits. Snoop Dogg, despite his tenure in the music industry, has managed to keep current with trends, which gives his fans and followers to remain intact. “I know have a great opportunity to be big in music, because sooner or later the labels are going to have to come on in,” Snoop told CNBC in an exclusive interview at last week’s NFT.NYC conference in New York City.

At one point in the video below (2.14), you see another object in the background, an alien Koda character from the Otherside. It shouldn’t be a big surprise because famed music promoter Guy Oseary – known for managing Madonna and U2 – represents Yuga labs. This year’s awards also featured a metaverse awards category, although no blockchain platforms were nominated.

Snoop Dogg may be the face of Web3 and NFTs, but what does that mean for the industry?

Together, they auctioned off a 1 of 1Nyan Dogg NFTon OpenSea, which netted an impressive 14.2 ETH ($33,000). As blockchain gaming becomes widely more adopted, the convergence of the creator and streamer will become more prevalent. With more projects in development, there is an increased need for content to be created and developed to draw in new users and keep existing members engaged. Web3 is steadily beginning to change not only who is engaging and participating with content but how content creation itself is made possible. By joining the “A Hard Working Man” allowlist, users have the opportunity to complete various quests to earn points that place them on a communal leaderboard. Those at the top of the leaderboard can win more than 100 free NFTs.


Snoop Dogg didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, though the two NFTs are now listed on a verified account for Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records on NFT platform Snoop Dogg also tweeted “Got #Rekt” on the day with an image of the NFT and made it his profile picture on Twitter. Moving into 2022, Snoop Dogg releasedThe Doggies, a 10,000 supply collection of avatars playable on the Sandbox. The Doggies also grants access to future features inside of theSandbox Metaverse.

For most of these independent artists, the possibility of ensuring that they are paid quickly and handsomely for their art and not having to wait a year for royalty checks makes NFT music way more appealing than traditional streams. Creators, streamers and gamers will no longer rely on platforms like YouTube or Twitch to monetize their content; instead, they can be supported directly on decentralized, Web3 native platforms. Although music NFTs have not seen the same rise as proof-of-profile NFTs, there have been increased developments in their utility and functionality beyond just serving as audio files.

The impact and influence the what is pin has had in the sector are undeniable, with at least one investor spending upward of $450,000 for a plot of digital land adjacent to the rapper’s virtual estate. The cannabis and NFT connoisseur announced he had joined the digitally native lifestyle and gaming platform FaZe Clan on March 7, with the intention of strengthening the cultural connection between music and gaming. Through his participation with digital collectibles, Snoop Dogg has elevated his credentials in the Web3 sector and is considered by pundits to be a prominent voice. Eminem and Snoop Dogg both bought BAYC NFTs earlier this year, with Eminem paying around $450,000 for his. Snoop Dogg also has land and NFTs in Animoca Brands’The Sandbox metaverse. He acquired Death Row records to convert it into a metaverse label.

“One ETH is the equivalent of almost 1 million music streams,” Iman explains. She adds of her collaboration with Snoop, “I made that in two minutes. A complete paradigm shift for sure.” Web3 began rearing its head with the boom of NFTs and impacted numerous sectors. Beyond visual arts and music, blockchain and Web3 have found their way into gaming, influencing its key players. Ryan Watt resigned as head of gaming at YouTube and hastransitioned into blockchain gaming and Web3, currently working as CEO of Polygon Studios. The notion of ownership in Web3 benefits both the creator and their communities because of provenance.

“They’re going to have to come on home and sit at the table and understand that catalogs and things they hold onto are better served on the blockchain than sitting in the catalog collecting cobwebs.” According toDappradar, this total value of his entire NFT collection is currently worth $3.81 million. While this is still a lot of money, it wasreportedback in September 2021 that this same portfolio was worth around $17 million. The effect of the bear market has meant that many of his NFTs have de-valued a lot, but something tells me that Snoop Dogg couldn’t care less.

He is certainly one of the few names that is helping us drive our beloved digital assets to a wider global audience, and has become one of the biggest whales in the industry. The most valuable token in the collection at present isCryptoPunk #3831, which is estimated to be worth around $781,913 at the time of writing. Punk #3831 is one of the lucky ones that possess the rare zombie trait, making it worth a lot more than the majority of common punks.

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Spottie WiFi Drops New Project Featuring Snoop Dogg And Bun B.

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“Now it’s going to bring on great business, and moving forward, when the market comes back, there will only be great things to pick and choose from,” he added. “I feel like this weeded out all the people who weren’t supposed to be in the space and who were abusing the opportunities that were there,” Snoop told CNBC in an exclusive interview at last week’s NFT.NYC conference in New York City. Rapper Snoop Dogg has bought two of the nonfungible tokens created by former Barclays Plc trader Ovie Faruq. Learning all of this, it’s safe to say that Snoop Dogg is committed to Web3. Snoop has almost unlimited financial resources, connections and the capacity to purchase or create any NFT.