Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting

Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting: Choose Best for Blogging

Your blogging site may require various resources in order to grow and expand more. In a technological environment, it is said that husting plays a very important role while your business grows digitally.

dedicated hosting Vs VPS Hosting

There are multiple options available in the market and the web hosting industry but when it comes to a dedicated server it is the most chosen choice of business owner due to its powerful nature and versatility.

On the other hand VPS servers are also one of the most chosen service of business owners as comes within affordable cost with the benefits similar to a dedicated server.

They both are preferred by the owners who own a high traffic websites.

If your website is getting more and more famous. Your visitors are getting brand awareness through your website and your site is ranking well, you are generating business leads via chat section of your website.

All these puts a lot of pressure and load to your web server and so your website performs slowly and steady.

To resolve this out you need to upgrade your existing hosting plan to a new one.

If you are still using shared hosting you may think of shifting to a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

 In this blog, we will discuss about the two popular hosting options especially for the Blogging website in the hosting industry that are VPS and a dedicated server.

After reading this blog we assure you that you will get a clear vision of what hosting option you can choose between a VPS and a Dedicated Server.

Let’s Dig in:-

Comparing Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting for your blogging website.

VPS and dedicated server are somewhat similar to each other but they do have major differences too.

Both of these hosting option provides you with the high control on your server whether it is hardware or software both the option provides you with the high control and flexibility.

A VPS can be a smaller version of a dedicated server. It provides you with the specifications or configuration within an affordable price.


A VPS is much cheaper than the dedicated server.

This is because in a VPS a host puts multiple accounts on a single server which ultimately reduces the cost.

VPS hosting plans are available for pocket friendly prices in India.

You need to spend at least Rs. 1000 to 1500 per month.

And for a maximum you can go Rs. 3400 per month.

When we talk about the price of a dedicated server you need to spend around Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000 per month depending in the quality of a server. 

Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting

Server management is one of the important part while choosing a hosting plan. The server handles a great website load.

In order to keep your server to run smoothly, you need to install, configure, update and maintain it on a regular basis.

Basically, we have two types of hosting plans managed as well as unmanaged. Both of them are different in case of unmanaged plans where you are responsible for maintain your server.

On contrary, a managed server or managed plans comes with the technical support and server maintenance from your hosting providers.

Your hosting providers take in depth care of your server and performance and are responsible for your server management.

Hosting plans comes with these two type of categories it can be either fully managed or they can be fully unmanaged.

So to choose from managed and unmanaged plans you should talk to your hosting provider to select the best.

 Your visitors can not know what hosting plan you are owning by your website.

There are differences in the prices for both type of options.

So make sure that you stay in budget, moreover, you should know your server requirement.


VPS servers are known for its best performance and security.

As in VPS you wholly get an isolated environment where you do not share any resources with any other users.

This prevents malicious attacks that come from another type of websites present on the server.

This was only about VPS servers but when we talk about the dedicated servers they are the best and no other type of hosting option can stand in front of dedicated server.

Whether it is the feature of security or it is the matter of high performance a dedicated server is the most opted and trusted type of hosting solution for the business owners.

The VPS and the dedicated server plans comes with unique IP address.

 The number of IP address depends on the hosting provider or the plan you choose.

This helps you to prevent the misidentification from another website.


Most of the hosting providers assures premium support services to their clients.

 As dedicated server and VPS plans are generally expensive you can get premium support services from your hosting provider.

Most of the web hosting companies assures you that they provide round-the-clock technical support. However, you should check the hosting provider history while choosing the company.

The specification can be different from one hosting service provider to another but you will definitely get the issues resolved at your satisfaction.

What type of server you should choose for your blogging website?

The type of server that you should purchase wholly depends on how much website is demanding for the resources.

In this Blog we now know that what are the basic similarities and differences between VPS and Dedicated Server.

If we talk about what type of server is the best for your blogging website than you can choose VPS if you want resources just like dedicated server for your website at low cost.

On the other hand a dedicated server for will be most suitable for high-traffic websites who cannot risk any other time of hosting whether it is in terms security or network uptime.

 When it comes to buying a dedicated server it will cost you around $30 to $40 per month.

On the other hand VPS will cost you around $5 to $100.


Dedicated Hosting is right for the people those are having high-traffic website and mostly attracts large number of visitors per month.

These type of website is mostly demanded by ecommerce website and other nature of businesses who can’t risk their online availability.

On contrary if we talk about VPS server it is similar like a dedicated server which comes in low cost than that of a dedicated server.

We recommend that you should only buy after knowing your website requirements.

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