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Color in Interior Design: Letting Your Interior Decide the Coloring

Coloring in interior design takes a little bit of a leap of imagination, doesn’t it? I can imagine that in the 1500s people started using paint to decorate their dwellings. In addition, I also can imagine that many of these folks used the very first pencils to do so. The thing is, color doesn’t have to be restricted to just what we see in nature; it can be fun, creative, and even be fun to share with your friends and family!

If color schemes in interior design are really your thing, you might be surprised to know that.

you don’t need to be a professional artist or even knowledgeable in interior design in order to.

Get some great color ideas.

You can get an entire packet of coloring pages for only a couple of dollars.

At most any department store or even a website is dedicated to coloring.

If you’re looking for some unique color schemes in interior design, these are definitely the way to go. But how do you find them?

Color Sources

Like anything else, you’ll find that there are certain areas of.

the country that seems to have a sharper color palate than others.

This isn’t necessarily because there are fewer color sources – although there may be fewer.

But more because there are fewer places where the weather is conducive to bold color schemes.

Southern states tend to be drier and less humid, giving color schemes in interior design.

A chance to come to life in those dry, cold months.

Meanwhile, mid-to-naughty southern states seem to have an abundance of sunshine and color to keep their interiors.

looking cheerful and festive all year round.

It’s also true that most people who dabble in interior design have a love for colors.

Either the soft tones of floral and runner-dried arrangements or.

The stark blacks, grays, and earthy tones of wrought iron and distressed wood.

It’s part of human nature to react to what we’re drawn to.

And it’s also part of interior design to offer a wide range of color options.

If you only have one color scheme picked out, it might be a good idea to stay with that.

After all, who wants to decorate a room one color and have everything else fall off.

the walls as soon as you walk through the door?

Color Scheme

But when you’re trying to decide on a color scheme, keep in mind that this decision.

Will impact the whole look and feel of your room.

You want your interior design to have a natural flow to it, and you don’t want to mismatch your colors (and jarringly contrast them) by forcing two totally different shades or hues into your room.

Instead, you should pick a color scheme that complements the furnishings and other design elements of your home.

For example, you can have a bold color for the walls, such as a deep red, and a softer color such as pale green, and use the two together to give your room a cozier, inviting feel. Think of complementing colors when you’re making your decision – it makes the process a little less tedious and overwhelming.

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, remember that this decision will also dictate the tone of the color in the interior design you use. The color scheme you choose will set the mood in your home and can set the tone for the rest of your interior design as well.

One great way to get ideas for color schemes in interior design is to browse magazines, books, and websites that showcase interior design themes. Not only will you get an idea of the various color schemes you can use, but you can also see photos of exactly what they look like so you know what kind of color you want to use yourself. If there’s something in the magazine or online that strikes your imagination as you read, take notes and make alterations to your color scheme as you think of them. You might need a subtle floral print for a kitchen and instead of painting the walls a deep black, you could replace it with a beautiful floral-lined fabric and paint the walls deep charcoal.

Once you’ve got your color scheme picked out, don’t be afraid to let it flicker. As you color in interior design, you might find that a color you originally thought was a great one becomes less attractive as you change it around. Keep the same color you used for the walls and furniture in the room but give those accents some extra attention by repainting them in a more interesting shade. The rule of thumb for coloring in interior design is that if it isn’t necessary, it’s not done. The best way to ensure that it’s done is to keep a color chart handy so you can compare shades and hues when you need to.

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