Kerala Backwaters Honeymoon: A Guide To Kerala Serene Alleppey

Kerala backwaters honeymoon

A honeymoon is a special time to celebrate love and embark on a journey of bonding. Here’s a guide about Kerala backwaters honeymoon trip to further explore the beauty of nature. Kerala, with its lush landscapes and tranquil backwaters, offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic escape.

Among the various places in Kerala, Alleppey firstly stands out as a serene heaven. It’s often called by the name of the Venice of the East. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the beauty and charm of ancient houseboats in Alleppey.

Day 1: Arrival in Alleppey, A Warm Welcome

Alleppey is a scenic town on the south western coast of India. Your journey of Kerala backwaters honeymoon trip further begins as you arrive in Alleppey. Upon arrival, check in to your stay, which can range from boutique resorts to ancient homestays.

Start your honeymoon by knowing Alleppey’s rich culture. Visit the Krishna Puram Palace, known for its stunning structure.

It also possess the largest mural painting in Kerala. After that, enjoy a tasty lunch having local dishes at a some famous place.

Witness a charming sunset at the Alleppey Beach, where the Arabian Sea meets the backwaters. However, this romantic setting is perfect for an evening stroll hand in hand with your partner.

You can explore on for planning a trip.

Day 2: Backwater Cruise, A Day on the Houseboat

After a breakfast, embark on a full day houseboat cruise through the serene backwaters of Alleppey. These ancient Kettuvallams further offer a blend of luxury and rustic charm. All of of these make them the ideal choice for a honeymoon.

As you glide through the tranquil backwaters, savor a Kerala lunch made by the houseboat chef. Meanwhile, enjoy the stunning views of the nearby paddy fields, coconut groves, and quaint villages.

Take a moment to relax on the sundeck of houseboat, basking in the warm Kerala sun. As you cruise further, You will come across lush greenery, serene canals, and abundant birdlife. It’s the perfect chance for some quiet moments with your partner.

As the sun sets over the backwaters, the houseboat will anchor for the night. Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner made by the onboard chef.

It will further contain fresh seafood and local dishes. The gentle lapping of water against the houseboat offers a soothing backdrop for your evening together.

Day 3: Visit of Marari Beach, A Day by Sea

Check out from the houseboat after breakfast and head to Marari Beach. It is at a short drive from Alleppey.

Firstly, Marari Beach is a pristine stretch of shoreline. That meanwhile offers a quieter and more secluded ambiance than Alleppey Beach.

Relax on the beach with your partner and listen to the sound of the waves. Allow yourself to bask in the sun.

Indulge in beach sports for example beach volleyball. If not, then you can simply take lazy walks along the coast.

Lunch will be served at one of the beachfront shacks. Here you can meanwhile savor fresh seafood and enjoy the beach views. Spend your day time lounging by the sea or exploring the nearby fishing villages.

As the day draws to a close, witness another stunning sunset over the Arabian Sea. The colors of the sky merging with the sea meanwhile create a romantic and pleasant ambiance.

Day 4: Ayurvedic Wellness

Treat yourselves to a reviving Ayurvedic spa experience, a unique feature of Kerala. Choose from a range of couple’s treatments, for example Abhyanga (full body massage).

Shirodhara (oil therapy for the forehead) is also one the treatments. These treatments are made to further relax and revive both body and mind.

After your spa session, enjoy a healthy herbal lunch that further enhance your wellness journey.

Spend the evening thinking on your honeymoon experiences and the peace you have enjoyed. Practice yoga or meditation to further enhance your sense of well being.

Day 5: Cooking Class and Shopping, A Taste of Kerala

Take part in a Kerala cooking class. Learn to prepare local dishes for example Kerala style fish curry, appam (pancakes), and coconut desserts. You can then savor your creations with each other.

Visit local markets and shops to explore Kerala’s vibrant culture and shop for souvenirs. You will find a range of spices, hand made crafts, textiles, and jewelry. All of which further make for excellent mementos of your trip.

Enjoy your last dinner in Alleppey at a cozy restaurant. Indulge in more tasty Kerala cuisine. Meanwhile, reflect on your journey and the moments you have created with each other.


A Kerala’s backwaters honeymoon in Alleppey offers a romantic and reviving escape from the usual. Enjoy from houseboat cruises through serene backwaters to pleasant beach sunsets and Ayurvedic wellness. In short, Alleppey offers a diverse range of joys for honeymoon couples.

It’s a place where you can make your bond strong and create joys for life time. So, plan your Kerala’s backwaters honeymoon tour. Let Alleppey’s serene beauty set the stage for your romantic journey with each other.