Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S review

A major battery, big screen, and enormous execution make Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S another executioner financial plan telephone under £200. 

You can’t contend with the worth presented by Redmi Note 9S. Xiaomi’s top spending plan telephone is a fine illustration of how to create less expensive telephones without compromising. Plan, execution, photography, all-around great. And in battery life it dominates, with the most significant length of time we’ve recorded in engineered benchmarks. A couple of things stay on our list of things to get for the Redmi line. Yet Note 9S won’t disappoint everything except the most requesting clients. 

Xiaomi’s Redmi line has consistently been inseparable from surprising worth. And the new Redmi Note 9S that was reported in late March is one more blinder from the Chinese firm. In India, this telephone is known as the Redmi Note 9 Pro. 

This sub-£200 cell phone packs a gigantic 5,020mAh battery that guarantees as long as two-day life. Alongside some fair center equipment and photography smarts that would be more at home in the mid-range. For all the details, you can check out our full review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Following on from the class-driving Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 8T before it. The Note 9S is another competitor that will soar in our best spending plan telephone rankings – yet, in 2020. It faces firm rivalry from the Realme 6 and Xiaomi’s own Redmi Note 8T.

Design – Seeing Red(mi)

Each new Redmi telephone accompanies a still very Xiaomi however somewhat refined plan. Here, with Redmi Note 9S. We’ve gotten away from the screen indent we’ve seen in past ages to a new ‘Spot Drop’ show. This includes a little pattern at the highest point of the showcase for the selfie camera. While the speaker is not entirely obvious at the actual top of the presentation got into the casing. Leaving all else free for the screen, screen, and more screen. 

What’s more, what a ton of screen there is. At 6.67in, you know why Xiaomi alludes to this Redmi telephone as a ‘Note’ model. Be that as it may, while it’s on the enormous side, the actual telephone isn’t cumbersome. 

With a noteworthy 91% screen-to-body proportion and a tall 20:9 perspective. The Note 9S is agreeable to hold in one hand. If somewhat hard to arrive at your thumb directly across the screen and work without turning to two hands. 

It’s additionally on the substantial side at 209g, which is on account of a liberal battery inside, yet a sensibly thin 8.8mm skeleton and adjusted edges at the back assist with keeping things reasonable. 

A huge body joined with a tricky surface may mean it is bound to tumble from your hold. Yet defensive Gorilla Glass 5 goes far to safeguard it from harm. An unmistakable silicone case is additionally provided in the container. Which will assist fight with offing a portion of the fingerprints that the mirror-finish body draws in. 

There’s a marginally odd difference between the serious shine backboard and the matte plastic edge. We don’t know whether we like or abhorrence it. It’s fascinating. For all the details, you can check out our full review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s.

The actual screen is hard to blame, bounty splendid under even direct daylight. With Xiaomi guaranteeing a rating of 450 nits. Tones are reasonable, seeing points are acceptable, and the Full-HD+ goal is pin-sharp. Yet, we do miss the vibrance and profound blacks of OLED that you see higher up Xiaomi’s reach. With this model rather than utilizing an IPS board.

Battery – Wow

The vital selling point of this telephone is ostensibly its battery. This is a monstrous 5,020mAh cell and, given the spending plan to mid-range equipment inside this telephone, it could without much of a stretch last you as long as two days, contingent upon your use. 

In case you are somebody who is continually getting your telephone, it guarantees an entire day’s life, from the second you wake to the time you close your eyes around evening time, without you truly going after a force bank. 

The Redmi Note 9S recorded the longest battery life we’ve seen at any point ever in the Geekbench 4 battery test, with a score of 15 hours 3 minutes. It’s an engineered benchmark as opposed to certifiable testing, yet that score is staggering. 

In any case, this is a financial plan telephone, so it comes up short on the remote, invert remote, and super-fast wired charging of some more exceptional models. Though the Realme 6 can uphold up to 30W wired charging, this Redmi Note 9S maximizes at 18W – which, to be reasonable, is still bounty quick. 

In the case you get a quicker 22.5W charger, which feels like it ought to be great, however, as a general rule, it’s possibly going to dazzle if you have another contraption equipped for tolerating that quicker information. 

Utilizing the provided charger we figured out how to get to 36% charge in a short time. Which is huge when you think about the high limit of the battery. In any case, don’t that in the container came a European two-pin plug. So we expected to utilize a three-pin connector with it for testing.

Performance – Punching

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9S may be a financial plan telephone. However, its exhibition is firmly mid-range – quicker than any semblance of the Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A70 if missing the mark regarding the Galaxy S10 Lite. 

Its on-paper details propose it ought to sit someplace in the middle of the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro. With a similar 4GB distribution of memory as the standard model (basically in our survey test. It’s likewise accessible with 6GB), yet the 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor of the Pro. 

Peculiarly, in the Geekbench 5 preparing execution test, it beat the two models, yet not by enough that you may see a distinction in reality. However it performed less well in the more seasoned Geekbench 4 test. So it’s truly swings and traffic circles, and simply demonstrates the amount you ought to depend on engineered benchmarks.

Cameras & Photography – Quad Squad

Xiaomi is getting tied up with the possibility that clients are effortlessly influenced by both the quantity of camera focal points and the number of megapixels advertised. This financial plan telephone has a 16Mp selfie camera on the front and turns into a completely settled up individual from the Quad Squad with its four back camera focal points. 

Featuring here is a 48Mp focal point, yet don’t assume every one of the four is so exceptionally evaluated. There’s additionally an 8Mp super-wide focal point, a 5Mp Macro camera, and a 2Mp profundity sensor. So it’s essentially a similar camera as on the Redmi Note 8T, however with an updated Macro focal point. 

Similarly, as with a significant number of its high-megapixel telephones. Xiaomi utilizes pixel binning to join the data from four individual pixels into one superpixel. So the subsequent shots are 12Mp. Except if you’re anticipating staying them up on an announcement, this will be bounty. If you truly need enormous photographs, there is a 48Mp shooting mode, yet expect a lot of lower-quality outcomes. 

As you can see from the photograph slideshow beneath. (click the picture to look through a portion of our test shots). Pictures shot on a decent splendid, bright day turn out well right away. Shadings are by and large reasonable, if a touch over-immersed. Yet it’s just when you zoom directly in you notice that pictures are quite grainy. And not sharp right to the edges. 

The camera application is for the most part simple to utilize, and you can trade between standard Photos. The previously mentioned 48Mp, Portrait, Night, Panorama, and Pro modes. Yet this being an AI camera the overall thought is too simple to use. In case you’re a sharp photographic artist you will not cherish this telephone camera. Yet for the vast majority it will handily get the job done – and particularly at this cost.


The Redmi Note 9S (otherwise known as Redmi Note 9 Pro in India) may have had its thunder taken by the similarly marvelous Realme 6. However, it stays one of the most mind-blowing spending plan telephones we’ve seen. This is an incredible telephone for under £200, a genuine all-rounder with fair execution and cameras. Just as staggering battery life. The Redmi recorded the most significant length of time in the Geekbench 4 battery life test that we’ve seen to date. 

We are not fanatics of the back camera module, and the absence of NFC is a startling disgrace. However those niggles aside it marks all our crates at this value point. 

In the following update, we’d love to see waterproofing (the Redmi Note 9S is just splashproof) and remote – or possibly quicker wired – charging. Which are bit by bit crawling into less expensive telephones. To genuinely take on Realme it likewise needs a 90Hz presentation. Yet, until further notice, this is a fine illustration of a not a large chunk of change very much spent.

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