High air pressure compressor

what is HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSOR? and its principle

High pressure compressors are use to increase the pressure of compress air in those areas of production where it is necessary to obtain the pressure corresponding to the technological parameters you need.


Compressors differ in both the volume of air produce and the power. The more produce air must be obtain and the higher the pressure must be, the more stages must be present in the compressor head.

In production, this equipment, working for a long time with high productivity, is equip with rings and pistons made of composite materials with Teflon spraying. These compressor units are equip with a powerful cooling system, since there is a possibility of spontaneous combustion of the lubricant.


The process of obtaining high pressure air is a multi-stage process, which is an alternation of the stages of compression and intermediate cooling of gas or air. The material from which the compressor is made must be very durable, since the working surfaces are subject to high stress.

An important point is the wear resistance of the compressor components (hoses and nozzles, etc.).


The compressor sucks in air through the filters and supplies it to the 1st stage cylinder. There the air is pre-compress. Further, the compress air passes through a two-section radiator, giving it its heat and cooling, and enters the cylinder of the II stage, where it is compress to a certain pressure value. Entering the second section of the radiator, the compress air is coole down again, and finally reaches the set pressure value, being suck into the cylinder of the III stage.

After the first cylinder, compress air passes through separation filters, where excess moisture is remove from the air, and then enters the air network system.

When the air is compress to the maximum pressure value, a signal is sent to the control panel and the compressor motor stops working, at the same time the unloading valves reduce the pressure from the manifold, discharge air linehttps://www.trendingusnews.com/?p=1358&preview=true and piston unit.

High pressure compressor

When the pressure is reduce to a minimum, the compressor starts up again. It should be note that reciprocating compressors, unlike screw compressors, have the ability to supply air at high pressure.

That is why screw compressors will never be able to displace reciprocating compressors in this pressure range.


compressor construction

Compress air produce by a high-pressure piston compressor, as a rule, must be specially treat with filters – otherwise, this air is strictly forbidden to be use in the food, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries.

And the protection devices for compressors of this type are as follows:

  •    safety valve on the manifold;
  • electromagnetic unloading valves (design to reduce the high pressure of the compressor) on the radiator and manifold;
  • automatic switch on the control panel of the circuit board (use to protect against short circuits in electrical circuits);
  •   fuses on the control panel circuit board (use to protect signaling and control circuits);
  •  relay of protection of the compressor electric drive against overloads during operation (automatic switching on of the thermal relay in the event of a decrease in the temperature of the relay to the permissible level).


High pressure compressors are high performance equipment. This type of compressor is use for work with severe conditions, where it is require to compress various process and natural gases at pressures up to 70 MPa:

  •  in the construction of capital buildings and structures;
  •    at ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises;
  •     in medicine, in particular when filling cylinders with compress gas and air;
  •  at enterprises of the machine-building industry to provide pneumatic drive of machines and mechanisms;
  •  to ensure the operation of pumping equipment and ventilation systems, and many other industries;
  •   for the production of products in PET bottles (carbonate water and soft drinks).

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