Useful Guide to Fix Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working

Have you bought a new Netgear range extender for your home and want to configure it by accessing the IP address of the device but are not able to access it? If not, then you don’t need to worry because you are not the only one who suffers from this issue. infact a hundred users are sailing into the same boat.
In this article, we are going to discuss all the contributing factors that lead to this issue along with effective and suitable troubleshooting tips. If you want to solve the issuing realm, then go through the post without skipping any points. Read on!
First, we dive into the reasons that drag you to face the Netgear router login IP not working issue. By knowing the reasons you will be able to eliminate the trouble easily.
Reasons: Netgear Extender IP Not Working
Here is the list of the most common reasons that cause IP addresses not working issue:
•Insufficient power supply.
•Poor connection to the internet.
•Usage of broken Ethernet cable.
•Loose connection of the Ethernet cable between the extender and router.
•Usage of an outdated web browser.
•Incorrect use Of IP address.
•Excessive distance between the devices.
Hence these are the reasons that usually lead to this problem. Now let’s move to the troubleshooting section in which we will discuss some most effective solutions that always work in this kind of situation.

Fix: Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working

Use the Correct IP Address

Before you do anything else, first cross-check the IP address. Did you type the right IP or not into the URL bar of the browser? While checking keeps the below-mentioned points in mind:
•The IP address should not be typed into the search bar. It should be typed in the address bar of the browser to access it.
1) Do not make the typing error while inserting the IP address.
2)Try to cross-check the IP address after typing.
Now, you should try to access the IP address of the device through a web browser if you can access it then great, If not then move to the next troubleshooting tips.

Check the Ethernet Connection

Another reason why you suffer from this most irritating issue is the usage of damaged Ethernet cables that connect the extender and host router.
So, to fix this issue take a small check on the Ethernet cable in case you find any fault or damage area on the cable then try to change the cable or repair it if possible.

Update the Internet Browser

Are you sure that the web browser you use to accesses the IP address is updated? If not then try to check the version of the browser because maybe your web browser is running on its outdated version which leads to this issue.
If you found the outdated browser while checking, try to use the updated browser to access the default IP address of the extender.

Remove the WiFi Interference

If you place your device nears the transmitting appliance, electronic device, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces?
If you nodding head yes, then try to change the extender location. Because these devices cause have an electromagnetic wave that causes WiFi interference into the networking device. You need to place your device far away from the home appliance.

Contact ISP

Now check the internet speed of the device because there is a chance that the internet is working at a glacial rate from the Internet Service Provider side. Or maybe your device’s internet package limit is over. So, in this situation, contact with the ISP is the best option.

Reboot the Device

If you are still in the same situation and none of the above-mentioned hacks helped you, then try to reboot your device maybe your device is surrounded by technical glitches. By restarting the device you eliminate the temporary hiccups from the device.
You can follow the following steps to reboot the device:
1) Turn off the device and remove it from the electricity source into which you plug it.
2) Wait for some until the device is recovered from the temporary hiccups.
3) Thereafter, plug the extender back into the socket.
Now, turn on the device and try to access the Netgear router login address of the device to ensure whether the issue is resolved or not.


Here is the end of our guide to troubleshooting the Netgear extender IP address not working issue. You can follow the above-mentioned tips and we are sure you will get the success.