My Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed. Help!

Due to its WiFi devices crafted with cutting-edge technology, Linksys has taken over the networking realm. That is why people prefer doing Linksys wireless router setup to satiate their hunger for accessing a lag-free internet connection. But, it has been found that users are facing speed problems with their WiFi routers. They complain about the Linksys router not getting full speed which is ruining their internet experience every now and then.

By any chance, if you are also facing a speed drop issue with your wireless router, checking out the tips provided in this post is what we recommend. Just walk through them with great care and learn how the problem can be tackled.

Factors Influencing Linksys Router Speed

We will reveal the troubleshooting tips later; first of all, we want to share some knowledge regarding the factors that actually affect the output delivered by your wireless router. Here they are:

1. Router’s Placement

Will your router be able to propagate its wireless signals if they are getting blocked or deviated due to various obstructions? Of course not! Well, this might have happened with your router. Know that the placement of your router plays a vital role in deciding its performance.

2. Router-Modem Link

Another factor that decides whether the router will perform well or give you trouble is the link between your networking devices. If it is weak, then forget about turning internet dead zones into fun zones. You won’t even be able to access the internet within the range of the router and face issues similar to the Linksys router not getting full speed in the future.

3. Firmware Version

You might not know but the firmware version on which your router operates also affects its performance. Remember that the Linksys router comes embedded with a firmware that needs to be upgraded from time to time if you want to extract the maximum performance from the router. It also introduces bug fixes to the router.

So, these were the influencing factors that decide the output delivered by your WiFi router. Now that you are aware of them, it means you are all set to execute the troubleshooting steps. Thus, walk through the next section to know how to get the issue fixed like it never existed. Keep in mind that implementing some of the hacks might require you to access the Linksyssmartwifi portal. Therefore, be ready for the same.

Fixed: Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed

1. Relocate the Router

Your WiFi router is not supposed to sit near any device that emits electromagnetic waves. Some examples are microwave ovens, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, refrigerators, treadmills, etc. Apart from this, the router must be kept away from objects containing a large amount of water and reflexive surfaces like mirrors and glasses. Thus, relocate your router and place it at a location away from such things. Moreover, it must not be kept in a corner or near a thick concrete wall.

2. Improve the Router-Modem Link

The second thing you can do in order to fix the Linksys router not getting full speed issue is to improve the router-modem connection. However, it completely varies on the source of connection in use. If your devices are connected with the aid of an Ethernet cable, then you must ensure that the cable is nowhere near damaged. Using a damaged cable will only increase problems for you. In case you have connected your devices using a wireless medium, verify that they are not placed too far or too close.

3. Upgrade the Firmware

The last thing that can help you fix the speed drop issue with your WiFi router is a firmware update. It has been told earlier that running a device on the latest firmware version helps in fixing bugs. Moreover, it gives your router more security than before. Furthermore, the chances of your getting the Linksys error 2123 get reduced. You can install the latest firmware version on your wireless router by accessing its admin panel. For this, visit or myrouter.local. After that, upload the correct firmware file as per the model number of your router.

Summing Up

That’s all about fixing the Linksys router not getting full speed problem. You got familiar with the influencing factors behind the issue. We’re now assuming that you will be able to resolve the issue using the troubleshooting tips mentioned above.

However, do not forget to restart your router on a regular basis. It will not only kick off technical glitches but will also help you improve the outputs delivered by the router. Also, keep the network traffic up to a specific value. Else, the router might keep giving you problems.