How to Connect Orbi to New Modem – Easy Steps

Have you just decoupled your Orbi router from the existing modem and replaced the latter with a new one? Well, whatever might be the reason, now you need to connect Orbi to new modem. Do you know how to go about the procedure? No? Worry not! In this post, we will try to make you understand the process of connecting the WiFi router to a new modem using the web address.

But, prior to the steps explaining how to connect the router to a new modem, we want to tell you that you need to reset the router to get success with the process. It is because if you create the router-modem connection without erasing the router’s settings, the router will attempt to route the signals of the previous modem to your house and chaos can occur. That is why you are supposed to reset the router to the default factory mode. In case you are not familiar with the process, check out the instructions provided in the next section.

How to Reset Orbi?

In order to reset your Orbi WiFi router, you are supposed to push the Reset button present on its hardware unit. However, before that you have to follow the steps given below:

1. Be sure that your WiFi router receives a stable power supply.

2. There must be no device accessing your WiFi router.

3. After that, find the Reset button and press it.

As soon as you hit Reset, the router will start flaunting the default settings. It means it will possess a default username and password, SSID, and network key. Now that you’ve reset your WiFi router, you’re all set to configure it with a new modem. The influencing points explaining how to connect Orbi to new modem will be explained in the upcoming sections. However, before that, we would like to discuss some prerequisites regarding the same.

Prerequisites to Connect Orbi to New Modem

1. A networking cable for an initial direct connection between the WiFi router and modem

2. The socket that your previous modem was utilizing

3. The default values of the username and password of your router

4. A web browser running on the latest stable version

Now you are all set to learn the process of creating a connection between the router and new modem. Refer to the next section to learn the instructions about the same by accessing the Orbi router login web address.

How to Connect Orbi to New Modem?

1. Create an Ethernet Connection

Start the process by creating an Ethernet connection between your router and the newly purchased modem. Therefore, it is time to rope in the network cable for the process. Insert one end into the router’s port and another into the modem’s jack. The connection is supposed to be finger-tight and must be created using the correct ports. However, while executing this step, ensure that your WiFi router and the modem are connected to well-working power outlets.

2. Visit

Now, get your hands on a laptop or computer and fire up an internet browser of your preference. You can make a choice from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. The moment the browser opens, you are supposed to make your way to the address bar and type there. Press the Enter key. You will get redirected to the admin portal of the router. In case you are unable to access the router’s URL, you are free to put the router’s IP address to use.

3. Enter the Router’s Details

The next window appearing in front of your eyes will be the Orbi router login portal. Here you are supposed to enter the default password and username of the router. FYI, you can check the values of the router’s defaults by referring to the user manual. However, you are not allowed to commit typing errors while entering these details. The reason is, they are case-sensitive. Click Sign In or press Enter after you’re done entering the required info.

4. Select the Network Settings

Now, you will be taken to the Orbi’s Status page. There, input the new modem’s settings wherever required and start customizing the router’s details. You can do so with the help of the prompts appearing on the screen. But, remember to add your satellite to the settings. Otherwise, you might bump into the Orbi satellite not connecting issue. For this, you can also make use of the Orbi mobile app.

Summing Up

Our article titled “How to connect Orbi to new modem” ends here. We now hope that you will be able to do the connection job successfully. However, during the entire process, ensure to maintain a safe distance between your devices. Thanks for reading the post!