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Crowborough Airport Taxi

The taxi service and Tourist Vehicle with Driver is different from the taxi: It is in fact necessary (and even obligatory) to reserve your journey in advance. The driver does not have the possibility or the right to pick up customers at the Wadhurst Airport Taxi at the last minute or to stop if they are signaled in the street (marauding). Each customer must have their paper reservation with them. The Wadhurst Airport Taxi service is most often provided at a fixed price for a journey (Or in certain cases at an hourly rate) unlike taxis which operate by meter.

Commercial announcement

List of airport transfer companies:

Did you know? The number of companies offering Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers services is constantly growing! Here are a few. Service-Taxi reservation

In private or shared versions, the airport taxi can accept up to 8 passengers. It is charged at a fixed price depending on the route and must be reserved in advance.

Airport, How does it work?

The Taxi service is provided at a fixed price: The price is paid in advance and does not vary – Traffic jams or fancy itineraries do not increase your bill.

Difference with classic taxis

In the case of taxis, the trip is done by meter and the amount varies depending on the traffic or the more or less direct route. In the event of a reservation, the approach is charged which is not the case for airport taxi service. Same thing for luggage.

Which is cheaper taxis?

Great question! You have to compare like with like. A transfer in an economical 2-seater sedan during off-peak hours is not charged the same price as an 8-seater minivan vehicle loaded with luggage during peak hours. Generally speaking, taxis are cheaper over short distances (intramurals) with smooth traffic (certain low-cost still manage to be very competitive) even if this depends greatly on possible approach costs, and more expensive for longer distances (airports) during rush hour, especially when there are traffic jams and for groups of 4 or more people.

Departure to the Airport

If you are going to the Sevenoaks Airport Taxi: The reservation for your transfer must be made in advance even if the Council of State has canceled the 15-minute deadline imposed for a few months. In practice it is preferable to book the day before to ensure good availability of vehicles, particularly for a morning transfer to the station or airport. Once the reservation has been made, the driver will pick you up at the address indicated when booking – Remember to give your telephone number (mobile if possible) to avoid problems of disagreement. In the case of a shared shuttle, the driver will make several stops to pick up other customers (in principle no more than 3) and the journey time will thus be somewhat lengthened. In the case of a Tunbridge Wells Taxi service the journey is direct and therefore faster.

Whether it is a taxi or a shuttle, it is your responsibility to provide sufficient margin for your flight in the event of departure at busy times (departure or exit from the office).

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