SecureKin Review: Best Parental Control App for Digital Parenting

Technology has taken over the world and has shaped pretty much everything around us. In this fast-paced world keeping the kids safe and sane is one of the most difficult tasks. Kids get exposed to smart gadgets and the internet at a young age, and it is difficult to skip this part completely. Parents can rely on a digital solution in the form of parental control apps. One of them is SecureKin, which offers reliable and trustworthy features for parents. Using a parental control app is like taking secret help from a guardian angel as the tool makes your life stress and worry-free in many ways. Here is what you need to know about the app and offered features.

Details of the Features Offered by The SecureKin App:

Real-Time Location

Among all the features one of the major and standouts is the real-time geo-location tracking of the target. All the parents who are concerned about their kid’s safety and security can get the app and enjoy the live location tracking services at any given time. Live Location tracking with accuracy can help the parent to rescue or track the kid in case of an emergency. Further, the same feature can be used to track the stolen or lost devices of the kids as well. So in short you can make your kid and the gadget safe with the location tracking feature.


For assuring digital wellness and keeping the kids safe from digital dangers the SecureKin app offers a web-filtering feature. The tools empower the parents to ensure a safe environment for the kids. The remote power to set filters makes users that kids are protected from getting exposed to unsuitable content.

Browsing History

Find out everything you need to know about the browser history of the kids with the track internet browsing history feature. The feature can even let the parent know about the social media platform the kids visit., YouTube streaming history details and more.

Screen Time

SecureKin recognizes the significance of a balanced life especially when it comes to teenagers. With the SecureKin feature, parents can set time limits to the screen activities. This type of feature can help in limiting over-screen usage and cultivate a positive mindset among the young generation.

Activity Report

Remote access to all the app’s log details is another excellent and useful feature the SecureKin app offers. Parents can get information about the time spent on any particular app, and they can intervene if they want as well.

App Block

One of the SecureKin strongest features is the app block feature. Parents can have an in-depth understanding of their kid’s app usage as it enables them to know about their interests and hobbies. To encourage constructive and positive digital engagement the parents can simply block any app that is considered useless or triggering in any way possible.

Location History

The SecureKin app tracks the location history of the kids as well. It can help the parents in knowing any secret details of the kid’s life, hangout places, company, routine, and more.


Keylogger records the keystrokes applied to the kid’s device. So in case even if the kids get rid of the toxic message or social media status, the app will keep the record for you.


User user-friendly interface designed for anyone with basic knowledge of handling smart gadgets is one of the main benefits of the SecureKin app. Navigating through all the essential features is very easy with this app. The app even offers flexible, customizable options that can be used to incorporate different types of monitoring features in daily life according to the use. The details and full package offered by the app are like complete remote access to the kid’s life and device. So if you are a SecureKin app user you know everything about your kid. Last but not least the SecureKin app offers a cross-platform compatibility option to its users.


Too much dependence on parental control can be considered possible intrusiveness in the kid’s private life. However, there can be occasional technical glitches in the usage of the app.

Keep in mind that in most states it is legal to use parental control apps for kids monitoring. Still, it is better to check local state laws and policies regarding the use of such tools. The app offers all the services in remote mode except installation. Installing a monitoring tool in the kid’s device requires physical access to the target device.