Slow Rolling in Poker – Its definition and meaning

Slow Rolling in Poker

Poker is a very popular game played by plenty of people all around the world and in the game many contradictory ideas can be found in abundance. 

When lying, needling and trash talking to other players is a part of the game, we find that there are some lines which are taboo and are never supposed to be cross and one of these is slow rolling. 

If you do not know much about slow rolling and wish to find out about it then this blog will help you in this purpose by offering you with the correct details that you need for knowing slow rolling meaning

Meaning of Slow Rolling in the Game of Poker by the Players – 

So, coming to the meaning of slow rolling it takes place at the showdown when the player who has a strong hand, faces river bet and then he or she delays the calling or even turning of the card which is usually done to give a false hope to the other person that he might have the winning hand. 

As per the etiquettes of poker, slow rolling is not at all acceptable and some of the examples in ways which slow rolling is done are – 

When river is paused after big bet or an all in one, or when once player called quickly and then delays the time for turning of the winning cards. 

Pretending to be disappointed or already accepting defeat to misguide the opponent can also be considered as slow rolling and hence, should not be practiced. 

Why is Slow Rolling not Allowed in Game of Poker?

This creates unnecessary pressure on the player when he or she is already facing an emotional time and giving a false hope at this point of time is not at all acceptable. 

Is Slow Rolling in Poker – an Illegal Move?

As such there is no written rule against slow rolling, which states that delaying or taking time in turning the winning hand at showdown is an illegal move. 

Still, slow rolling is wrong in a poker room or on a poker table and if you practice this then you could be thrown out of the room or you can also get banned or something worse than this. 

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If someone is slow rolling you then you can tell the manager of the game or you can also just leave it that way and say nice hand before moving on. 

However if you are on the table again with that person in some other game then you must get a payback for you and if you see some other player being slow rolled it is usually best not to react because emotional control is a major aspect of game of poker. 

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