Know Left Right Center Game rules?

left right center game rules

LCR is known as Left Center Right. It is a simple and speedy-dice game. It is mainly perfect for parties and get-togethers. The main motive of the game is to be the last player left in the game having chips. So, lets explore left right center game rules and how to play LCR:

How to Play LCR

To play LCR, you will need:

  • 3 or more players
  • 3 Dice
  • 3 chips per player
  • Setup:

Each player takes 3 chips. The remaining chips are left at the side which aren’t to be used in the game. To play the game, choose a player who will take the 3 dice.

  • Turns:

The person has to roll all the dice in their turn. The results of rolling down dice help the player to determine their chips:

  1. L:

If you roll an L (or a 4), you must pass one of your chips to the player on your left.

  1. C:

If you roll a C (or a 5), you must place one of your chips in the centre pot.

  1. R:

If you roll an R (or a 6), then you must pass one of your chips to the right-side player.

  1. Dots:

If you roll any dots (1,2, or 3), nothing happens.

  • Gameplay:

The game continues until one player has no chips left. That player is the winner!


There are many variations of LCR that you can play. Here are a fer popular variations:

  • LCR Wild:

This variation adds a “Wild” symbol to the dice. If you roll a Wild, you can choose to pass a chip to the left, right, or centre.

  • LCR Jackpot:

This variation adds a “Jackpot” symbol to the dice. If you roll a Jackpot, you get to take all of the chips from the centre pot.

  • LCR Strip:

This variation is a drinking game. If you roll an L, you take a drink. If you roll a C, you make someone else take a drink. If you roll an R, you make two people take a drink.

Tips for playing LCR

  • Try to roll as many Ls and Rs as possible, as these will help you get rid of your chips.
  • If you are low on chips, try to roll Cs to build up the centre pot.
  • The player has to be careful while rolling the dice.
  • The player has to not roll too many dots.
  • The player will lose the game when they have too many dots on their dice.

Some additional tips for playing LCR:

  • While playing the game with a large group of people, it is allowed to use more than 3 dice in the game.
  • LCR is a game that can be played easily by all people and children. Children have to play with a small number of chips. Adults can use a higher number of chips for playing the game.
  • The LCR game also prefers to play with different coloured chips. It also helps make it very easier to track the number of chips according to the colour.

LCR known as the Left Center Right game is a very easy and multitalented game that can be played by people of all ages.It is the best method for having fun while attending any parties and functions. It is helpul for the enjoyment of children also.


LCR is a very simple and speedy game. It is the best option to have fun and enjoy playing games.

It is a perfect option for enjoying parties and get-togethers also.

This game includes very simple and easy rules and methods for playing. It is the best way for the involvement of every person in the party.