How to Watch Popular Web Shows (But in a Budget)

How to Watch Popular Web Shows (But in a Budget)

Who doesn’t want a binge session?

Particularly, at the end of the day and after so much stress and pressure of work (yes…work from home included), everybody just wants to hop over their couches and share an extremely private time with them or their families watching their favourite show on Netflix.

Probably Apple TV Plus.

Or Paramount+

Or Hulu. 

Or Disney+.

No No! HBO Max. 

There are many to choose from. And watching those tempting trailers on YouTube or reading another article on new releases only make you impatient, right?

And you get to be more impatient when you know that you haven’t subscribed and cannot watch your favourite superhero movie of yours or that romantic web series to spend some more ‘we’ time with your spouse.

Well, these things are painful. 

But we’ve got its cure.

Although your next door may have given up on subscribing to the popular streaming services and asked you to do the same, you don’t necessarily have to do that.

You can still enjoy your streaming service at an affordable cost.

Here’s how.

Can You Get Your Favourite Streaming Service in an Affordable Cost?


If there is a loan for bad credit in Ireland, then there are options to watch streaming shows on a tight budget as well. 

Here they are written below:

  • You Don’t Need Live TV
  • Go for Free Trials 
  • Be Smart and Share Services 
  • Filter; Filter; Filter
  • Free Shows?

Well, let’s not contribute more to your impatience and start reading more on these points. 

You Don’t Need Live TV

You have to leave something to gain the next best thing.

Let’s’ admit it, most of the people in the UK are engaged in a 9 to 5 work. 

Entrepreneurs take more time than that daily to finish working (or do they stop working?)

Students have their schedules tighter these days for the charge of both online and offline education.

Now, paying for streaming services and then live TV leaves you little choice.

You Don’t Need Live TV

Binging is a culture, and you don’t watch it just for fun but to spend some quality time. If this had not been the case, you wouldn’t have found so many series or prequels and sequels and shows connected to other shows or movies. 

Sling TV is one of the cheapest ones. But that too starts from a cost of 4 pounds to 16 pounds per month. 

The popular YouTube TV comes at 49 pounds per month.  

Choose anyone. Either you go with streaming services or Live TV.

 Go for Free Trials 

Do you want to be smart and quick?

Then use the free trial period of popular streaming services and get your job done!

Yes, it will be hard for you to cancel the subscription once the free trial period is over, but there’s a good point to that. 

Watching two or more subscriptions in the free trial version will make you understand the qualities of the apps and find out if you want one ultimately. 

Plus, doing that can also help you choose the best streaming service in many as well.  

Be Smart and Share Services 

Or share accounts.

Being smart means sharing, too, when you think about watching shows from a web streaming service.

For example, your Netflix subscription will allow you to watch it across 4 different devices.

You use Netflix.

Your mum, on the other hand, loves Apple TV Plus.

Now, do the math.

Share your account of Netflix with your mum and ask her to do the same with you for Apple TV Plus.

You two are now enjoying both the services, right?


 Filter; Filter; Filter

There are two ways to do this.

One: Shows 

And two: Apps 

For the first case, you are prioritising shows.

It means you are targeting shows from different streaming services.

These shows may include movies or TV shows, or web shows.

In this case, all you can do is make sure you are doing research and are confirmed about your interests in choosing particular shows.

One great idea in this respect is that you can use your free trial period and use one service for a month or two. When you are done with that, go ahead and choose the next service and use the free trial period to watch shows offered there. 

This is the freeway.

If you want to pay, you can still take one subscription at a time, finish it and then go on the other one. 

For the second case, where Apps are involved, you can consider different options only to conclude your binge session with one app.

There are people who watch Apple TV Plus only. 

Or some individuals watch nothing but Netflix. 

So, choose your streaming service, pay for only one and save money.   

Free Shows?

Find out particular shows that are free on different streaming platforms. 

Ex-Machina is one of the best Sci-Fi thrillers of this age, and you can watch it for free at Kanopy. 

Or you can go for Roku, where you can watch the Iron Giant for free.

There are many streaming services that offer certain free movies or TV shows as part of their commercial policies.

You can just be a bit smart and research extensively to find out such free services and enjoy them.

To Conclude: You May Use Cash Back Credit Cards

Credit cards that come with cashback offer you a percentage of the costs of a streaming service return. 

As a result, you get to enjoy your favourite streaming service at a comparatively low cost than usual. 

In case your credit score gets low, you can still fix it with a personal loan in Ireland for bad credit. 

After that, you won’t have problems watching your favourite streaming show on a tight budget.

Just one golden piece of advice for you all before finishing this blog:

Be sure of what you want to watch. Please!

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