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How to make your home terrace garden green even in the winter

A terrace is a great place to spend time in the summer, but what do you do when it’s winter? Do you just let them stay dead and brown, or do you take action to bring some life back into your home terrace? The cold weather is a time of year when many people forget to take care of their home’s terrace. Well, even though there are less plants and flowers around. There are still few things that we can do to make your home terrace garden green. Let’s talk about how easy it is to make this happen!

Read on for some tips!

1. Use a plant that is hardy to the cold.

If you want to have a nice green terrace garden during winters, why not experiment with some hardy flowers and evergreens? They are always beautiful and they don’t require too much attention. As long as you water them once in a while, they will do just fine. Moreover, if you want to try something new, you can always go with bonsai trees! They are fun and easy to maintain so it is a great idea for those who lack experience with gardening.

Another example is Peperomia plant that you can keep in your home even in the coldest days of winter. They are able to resist low temperatures and they don’t need too much light or water. Try out this easy-to-grow plant.

2. Bring the plants indoors.

If your plants are not able to survive outside, bring them inside your house during wintertime so they can stay alive and continue growing! If you have a large terrace or balcony garden, consider having multiple planters with different plants. Don’t forget to give them a little bit of extra water and lights so they don’t die.

3. Make an indoor garden.

If you don’t want to bring the plants inside your home, what about changing the design of your terrace? Why not turn it into a big greenhouse? It’s going to be beautiful and functional! Not only will you have more space for planting different flowers and plants, but also you can grow multiple fruits and vegetables for your own enjoyment! It’s a win-win situation as you’ll see.

4. Make use of the walls and fences

Plants look great on any terrace, but wintertime is when they can truly shine. Use your garden walls and fencing to attach some planters filled with flowers and plants that will continue growing even through winter. You can also use fake pots or hanging ones for this matter!

5. Put in some ground cover plants for insulation and protection from wind.

If it is too cold on your terrace, you might want to consider adding some ground cover plants. They can help protect the soil so that it doesn’t get too cold and they offer insulation for just in case you decide to go out there on the balcony. Besides, they look great! There are many types of winter bloomers that you can try, so don’t hesitate to research them!

6. Add some soil beds for experimenting with plants.

If you want to go all in with your winter terrace garden idea, why not add some raised soil beds? You can decorate them however you like and they are completely customizable. Try placing some extra seating on the ground level so you can enjoy the winter garden even longer. Furthermore, if you need extra space to store some of your terrace items, keep in mind that raised beds are perfect for this situation!

7. Add evergreen shrubs, trees, and vines.

If you want to try something new, you can add evergreen shrubs, trees and vines. They will provide privacy and they will also keep your terrace garden looking fresh during the wintertime. You can even try some bonsai plants so you can experiment with shapes and colors.

8. Choose flowering plants with small flowers rather than large ones.

Alternatively, if you want to have some colorful flowers in winters on your home terrace garden , why not choose flowering plants with small flowers rather than large ones? They are easy to maintain and they can last for a long time. Furthermore, they are less likely to catch the snow that might fall on them during the coldest days of the year be sure to choose flowering plants with small flowers rather than large ones. They are less likely to have frozen during the chillier months so you can still enjoy their beauty indoors or even outside if it is not too cold! Furthermore, they look great in planters and hanging pots which means you won’t have to use extra gardening items to make your home terrace garden look great and green.

9. Keep your garden well-watered to make sure it doesn’t dry out too much.

If you want to keep your home terrace garden fresh and alive during the wintertime, you need to remember that everything is more likely to dry out. This means that it will be extra important for you to keep your garden well-watered and watered regularly. Be sure to turn on your irrigation system and take care of any leaks. This way, you can avoid having any of your plants dying out.

10. Add mulch for insulation and extra protection from the cold.

If it is too cold on your terrace or you even think that it might get below 0°C, you can add mulch for insulation and extra protection from the cold. It will help insulate your pots and also protect them against the frost that might come in wintertime.

11. Use reflective housings to protect your plants from the sun and heat.

If you don’t want to use mulch and you’d rather not add insulation for winter, why not try reflective housings instead? They will keep your terrace garden safe from the heat and they will also keep it protected during the cold months of wintertime.

12. Decorate with Christmas trees and lights.

Christmas trees are beautiful, but they aren’t the only decoration items that you can use for your winter terrace. You can hang some other plants on a wall or a fence to make them look even better! String up Christmas lights around the plants and the trees and you’ll have a great winter terrace!

13. Use fake plants.

If you can’t find a plant that will survive the winter, why not choose something else? Fake plants and trees work just as well and they look even better than real ones! Plus, we know how much we all love technology nowadays. Give it a try!


We hope this list has provided you with a few ideas for how to have greenery on your home terrace garden no matter what time of year it is! Remember that they are all pretty affordable and easy to maintain. So why not give them a shot? When it comes to the time of year, winter is definitely worth enjoying with your very own outdoor private winter garden. If you plant some flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for a few months but if you plant trees, shrubs and other plants that need more care, your garden might stay beautiful year-round!

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