Dudhsagar waterfall
Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek 2020


Dudhsagar waterfall is situated in Goa- Karnataka Border and lies at the distance of 60 km from the Panji and 10 km from the Kulemrailway station. This beautiful waterfall springing from the height of 600m.

If you are planning to visit this place and need a guide to know about this before going there. This article will help you. Although the best way to visit this place is by walking. only 5-6 hours of the walk will take you to this magnificent waterfall. Let’s start with detailed information and a guide before planning a trip.


Dudhsagar waterfall is 60 km away from Panaji and the nearest railway station is Colemrailway station. For reaching this place you have to reach the Madgaon railway station and further to the Kulem railway station. And if you are coming from Bangalore, you have to catch the Chennai central- Vasco-de- Gama expresses from Yeshvantpur junction.

All the trekking lovers may choose to step down on Kulem and start the trekking from Kulem to Dudhsagar. Once you decide to trek from Kulem to Dudhsagar, you need to understand that there is some precaution you need to take along with the necessary thing to carry before leaving for the trek. 

Once you reach to Kulem railway station, You have to trek around 12km to reach the Dudhsagar campsite and this trek takes 4 to 6 hours to take you there.


The best time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfall is Monsoon and post-monsoon. Months between the July to December. Trekkers need to understand that they need to take precautions and Lil safety as during the monsoon the water level is high. To avoid the mud on road you can trek during the Winters. During the winters the water level remains moderate and the way is more accessible to trek.


You can enjoy the Railway tunnel and tracks. 

Once you start the Trek to Dudhsagar, there are western ghat jungles are there. You may pass through the green beauty of nature. 

Sahyadri mountain range is there to enjoy.

SWIMMING – Swimming under the Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the best activities to enjoy. The natural pool was created near the Dudh Sagar waterfall. These pools remain cool and freeze even in the afternoon. If you wish to do the swimming don’t forget to carry a life jacket as it is easily available for rent. Fishes inside the pool and monkeys near the pool can be seen. Dudhsagar is a perfect tourist destination for Indians as well as foreigners. 

JEEP SAFARI-There is a sanctuary named Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary. This is a part of Dudhsagar waterfalls. Jeep safari can be done here. Watching animals in the jungle and hitting the wet mud makes this safari very interesting and adventurous.

VISIT TAMBDI SURLA MAHADEV TEMPLE- There is a popular ancient temple that was built in the 12th Century. This temple is dedicated to lord shiva. At this spot, you may relax for some time. 

DUDHSAGAR DEVI TEMPLE-  Once you start trekking from the Kulem railway station you may pass through the Sonalium railway station which is 8 km away from the Kulem Railway station. Dudhsagar Devi temple is a perfect spot for a mid-trek break and grabs something to eat before going further on the Dudhsagar trek.


Dudhsagar trek is a small trek. This small Dudhsagar trek can be done in a day or two. Let’s discuss the Dudhsagar trek itinerary. Considering your journey starts from Mumbai/Pune.

Dudhsagar Trek starts to reaching at the Kulem Railway station by the apex. 04:00 PM. After reaching the Kolem station, you have to trek to Campsite, where you may freshen up for starting your further trek journey. 

Some travellers trek from Castle rock also. To start the trek from Castle rock, you have to reach the Castle railway station. Distance from the castle rock to Dudhsagar campsite is 14 KM. This 7-8 hours journey will take you to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls by late evening around 09:00 PM. Trek journey and scenic view of the waterfall are worth enjoying. After enjoying the activities you can start the trek back to Kulem. 


There are a few compulsory and optional things you should not miss before starting the trekking journey.

Water bottle required.

ID Proofs copy 


Trek pant

Good quality trek shoes

Ready to eat food and snacks.

Medical kit

Mobile Charger

Good quality camera to capture the beautiful scenic view of waterfalls.

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