Best Interior Designer

Best Interior Designer

Interior Design Program – Attaining Success In This Specialty!

Best Interior Designers are in high demand in the Indian furniture market. The reason is that Indian furniture has evolved so much and there are so many options to choose from. While a lot of people in the west love Indian furniture, they are not aware of the low cost variations in the Indian furniture market. Interior Design in India is one of the best careers. Interior design salary in India is very competitive and you can earn a very good income if you do your job right.

The main job of interior designers is to create a layout of the entire house or office space. Interior designers can work independently or as part of a team. These people may work individually or with an architect. They can either live in the offices or designing homes as well.

Types Of Interior Designer

There are many types of Interior Designers in India. These include: Senior Interior Designers, Projection Interior Designers, Conceptual Interior Designers, Alternative Interior Designers, and Conceptual Interior Designers. Senior Interior Designers are those who are trained and have Masters Degrees in Interior Designing. Whereas, Projection Interior Designers and Conceptual Interior Designers are those who do their training while working on projects. As compared to other Interior Designers, Conceptual Interior Designers are the ones who are self-employed while others work for firms or individuals.

Interior Designers Salaries

The highest paying job in Interior Design in India is the position of Senior Interior Designers (ASD) with annual salaries approaching up to Rs. 37000. One needs to have several years of experience to secure such a position. If one holds a masters degree in Interior Designing, he/she can expect to earn around Rs. 5000 per year.

In Delhi, there is no dearth of Interior Design Salaries. The city has a huge population and thus there is high demand for talented designers. In the recent times, the number of people opting for Interior Design courses has significantly increased. As a result, there has been hike in the salary envelope as designers make good amount of money.

Interior Designing requires a lot of creative thinking, innovative thinking and technical skills. Interior designers are required to posses good communication skills, artistic skill, web and graphic designing skills along with their architectural and interior design knowledge. Communication skills are of utmost importance as you need to convey your interior design idea to your clients in a convincing manner. Apart from this, you also need to posses the technical skills such as; knowledge about different materials, methods, and color combination’s.

Indian Interior Design Academy

Interior design programs offered by the Academy are Bachelors degrees, Masters degree, and PhDs. In case of an Associate degree program, an Interior designer can learn the basic concepts of Interior design. Whereas, an Interior designer with a Bachelor degree can begin working as an Interior consultant or a Designing specialist. In case of a Masters degree, an Interior designer can continue his study further and opt for a Master in Interior Design, which helps him/ her to become a professional teacher and author.

Interior design programs in India provide a wide variety of interior design programs. Interior designers may choose between short term programs or long term programs. Long term programs help you to gain practical knowledge, enhance your abilities and enhance your marketability. Interior designers may choose between online study or traditional classroom studies. For a more comfortable learning experience, students may opt for distance learning Interior design degree from accredited Universities in India.

Salaries of Interior designers also differ according to their experience. Senior designers earn better salaries. Senior designers earn much higher salaries as compared to entry-level employees. Skilled and experienced Interior designers earn salaries as per their skills and experience.

Interior designers with more years of experience earn better salaries. Interior design degree also has some specialization areas. Fulfilling specialization in Interior design program can give skilled and knowledgeable individuals a chance to specialize in particular areas such as residential space planning, sustainable architecture, environmental design, and interior lighting design & fixtures. Interior designers with a master’s degree can work as planners, architects, interior decorators.

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