What is the biggest factor for IVF complications?

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Age is the biggest factor for men and women because, as we know, sperm and egg quality decreases as we get older. The best reproductive age for women is between 21 to 35 years and for males up to 50 years. 

What is the cost of Donor eggs or sperm in Pakistan?

If your fertility conditions require donor-assisted reproduction, it adds to IVF Cost in Pakistan. The cost of sperm in Pakistan varies from 150000 to 240, 0000, depending on where you live (the closer you are to a metropolitan area, the less shipping and handling you’ll have to pay). Finding an egg in Pakistan is harder since it is illegal to purchase eggs. Parents have to find a donor, and typically only a friend or family member would be altruistic enough to do this. Otherwise, parents have to travel outside of Pakistan. However, in this case, the Fertility World stands with you and arranges a healthy egg donor from its database at a lower cost.

What factors can impact the cost of IVF?

Failure of IVF at first cycle: This failure can result from certain factors such as advanced age (above 40 years), medical history, fertility conditions, and lifestyles )smoking, drinking alcohol, use of drugs, dieting pattern, and fitness level.

·         Standards of Fertility Medications: Dosage and brand of medicine, generic versus non-generic options.

·         If a surrogate mother is required

·         If donor assisted gametes are used (Eggs or sperm)

Which costs can Provincial Healthcare assist in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there are currently four Pakistani provinces that provide financial help to its residents who are undergoing IVF treatments or any Male Fertility Treatment in Lahore. They are:It can cover one IVF Treatment Pakistan cycle per lifetime for all female patients under the age of 43. For this financial assistance, one must hold a valid Health card. Fertility drugs are not covered under this plan.Submit fertility medical expenses of IVF to Medical Expense Tax Credit via your income taxes.You may be eligible to claim medical expenses that you have paid during IVF treatments, your spouse or common-law partner, and certain related persons- any dependents that are listed on your income tax forms.

IVF treatments overview at the Fertility World in Pakistan?

During IVF treatments- the eggs and the sperm are combined in a fertility laboratory (in Test Tube Baby in Lahore or Petri plates) under the culture medium and kept in an incubator to allow the sperm to fertilize the egg. Note: With IVF you can use any combination, your eggs and Donor sperms, Donor egg, and partner sperms.  The fertilized egg called an embryo is transferred into the uterus for carrying a pregnancy.Let’s discuss the steps involved in IVF treatments:

1. Consultation: Once you book an appointment, at no time our coordinators will schedule your direct consultation with our fertility experts through phone calls or consult in person based on your location. Our experienced Doctors will evaluate your fertility problems or rectify your conditions on your previous fertility report. Our experts answer all your queries with an amicable attitude and provide with a comfortable environment. Based on your condition, our Doctors will suggest the next step.

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