Things to Consider Before Hiring a Kanata Radon Removal Service

Kanata Radon Removal

When you think about it, Radon is kind of a scary thing. It’s a radioactive gas that can cause cancer, and it’s all around us. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of it, and one of those ways is by hiring radon removal services. Now, finding the best Kanata Radon Removal Service will be hard. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a radon removal in Kanata, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to make sure that the service is licensed and insured. It would help if you also made sure that the service has a good reputation and that it has been in business for a while.

This blog will discuss how you can call Radon mitigation professionals

What is Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a radioactive gas produced as a natural decay product of uranium. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and difficult to detect. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and is responsible for about 3200 lung cancer deaths each year in Canada.

Furthermore, the gas can enter your property through cracks in the foundation, openings around pipes and wires, and other openings in the building envelope. It can also be released from building materials, such as concrete, brick, and tile. Radon gas accumulates in indoor air and is a health hazard when inhaled.

You cannot measure the safe radon levels for your house. However, you can always install Radon mitigation systems at home to ensure you keep safe. Asking for consultation from radon mitigation Kanata Ontario can help you identify radon gas levels in your property

How does a Radon Removal Company deal with Radon Gas?

Professionals use Radon test kit Ontario to identify the radioactive gas. And based on the gas level, they can help devise a radon mitigation Ontario system. But what are the basics of the best radon removal process?  

Radon removal companies use various methods to remove radon gas from homes. Here we have some of the most common procedures from Kanata Radon removal companies:

Radon Removal System

One standard method is to install a radon removal system. This system uses a radon fan and radon pipe to pull the gas out of the home and vent it to the outside. It’s a simple method, and complete radon removal do it yourself

Radon Mitigation System

Another standard method is to use a radon mitigation system. This system uses various ways, such as sealing cracks in the foundation and installing a vent pipe so that you can reduce the amount of radon gas in the home.

Kanata’s radiation removal companies also use other methods, such as activated carbon filters and aeration systems, to remove radon gas from homes.

Professional Radon Removal Vs Do It Yourself

Just as we said, you can even remove Radon from your property. But professionals can complete the task far more efficiently. So what’s the difference between going DIY and hiring professionals? Let’s have a closer look at that:

If your home has high levels of Radon, you should have it removed. Professional radon removal is the best way to remove the gas. Radon removal professionals have the experience and equipment to do the job right. Also, they have enough training to use the kits effectively. On the other hand, going DIY may mislead you with the test. If you don’t follow the instructions of the Radon detect kit, you won’t be able to get accurate results. 

That’s why Radon gas removal companies are better suited for authentic results. This will save you time, effort and money. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Radon Removal Company

Now, how to hire a professional Kanata radon removal company? There are some essential things you should bear in mind. Here, we are going to guide you with the basics first: 

If you are concerned that you may have a radon problem in your home or building, hiring a qualified radon removal company is vital to address the issue. But before you hire a radon removal company, there are a few things you should consider.

Check the Company License

First, it is essential to ask the company if they are licensed and insured. You should also ask for references and contact those references to find out if they were satisfied with the company’s work. This will give you a fair idea of whether your property is in safe hands or not. 

Check Their Experience and Expertise

It is also essential to ask the company about their experience and expertise. For example, how long have they been in business? What kind of training and experience do their technicians have? As a result, it’s vital to ensure you have your property in the right hands. 

What Equipment They Will Use

You should also ask the company about their equipment and plan to address the radon problem. For example, what kind of radon removal system will they be using? How long will it take to install the system? And how long does it take a radon mitigation system to work? Make sure you ask all these questions first. 

Check the Price

Finally, you should ask the company about their rates. How much will the radon removal system cost? What are the fees for installation and maintenance? You have to compare prices from different removal companies at work. Now, depending on the service, the price will vary. Whether installing a radon removal system or a radon mitigation system is up to you. But the cost will drastically change based on the plan you’re installing. 

How to Fix Radon in Basement?

If you have a basement, there is a good chance that the radon level is higher than in other parts of the home. This is because the basement is closer to the soil – and because the air in the basement is not as well circulated as the air in other parts of the home.

There are several ways to fix a radon problem in a basement. The most common way is to install a radon mitigation system. This system uses a fan to pull the radon gas out of the soil and exhaust it outside of the home.

Another way to fix a radon problem is to seal the cracks and openings in the foundation. This will keep the Radon from entering the home. But you should hire professionals for removing radon gas in the basement. 

You can also reduce the level of Radon in your home by increasing the amount of air exchange between the home and the soil. This can be done by increasing the number of windows in the home, installing a ventilation system, or increasing the speed of the fans in the home.


Well, that’s about it for the best Radon company in Kanata. Radon gas level is a significant concern for most properties, and you have to take necessary measures to get rid of it. Specialists are constantly warning us about the scary effects of radon gas. 

But hiring a professional Kanata radon removal specialist is challenging as there are plenty of services out there. So make sure you follow the company background over and over. Otherwise, going DIY will become a waste of your efforts and money most of the time.