How Packaging Helping in Great Enhancement of the Food Industry?

Packaging helps your company.  It helps the food not spoil and contaminate. These boxes tell us what we are buying: ingredients, nutritional value, storage instructions, and an expiration date. Finally, packaging can help your company because it lets people see your logo on the outside of the package.

Following are the types of packaging used:

  • Paperboard boxes made out of paper or cardboard.
  • Cardboard containers including pre roll packaging that coat with plastic or wax paper.
  • Plastic bags sealed shut with heat-sealed edges.
  • Glass jars sealed shut through either airtight lids or screw -on lids.

What are some different types of packaging?

Waxed Paper are paper bags that have coat with a thin layer of wax, this will extend the life of leftovers. These are usually used for items such as cookies or crackers.

Pre-formed trays made out of plastic or aluminum metal sheets. These have design to hold a certain type of food, for example, a tray specifically made to hold cupcakes.

What types of containers have airtight-type lids?

Many people use plastic bags when they want to store something. They come in different sizes and shapes. But the most common type of bag is heat-sealed or zipped closed. They can also show your logo on the outside so that people know who you are when they open it up.

Aluminum cans are for drinks. Most people need to use an opener to open them. But if you push two tabs together on the top of the can, it will also be opened. You can put other drinks, like water or lemonade in them while they are still airtight.

Ceramic containers often use for storing dry goods, but some people also use them for wet foods. If you don’t have a fridge or freezer, you can put wet food in a ceramic container so it won’t go bad before you can eat it all up. Ceramic containers are also one of the oldest types of containers. You can find lots of these kinds at public markets where merchants sell their products out of barrels that have wood or metal lids and that are from ceramic materials.

Boxes sealed shut with tape around all sides of them are also considered as airtight containers.

Airtight containers are containers that do not let air in. Air gets inside the food and it goes bad. The lid will keep out the air so your food stays fresh longer. You can find lids made of rubber with numbers on them to show how tight they are. That is why you should use jar lids made of rubber quality materials which have rate for their tightness among other things, to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time.

People today depend on canning jars rather than printed display boxes to store their dry goods like coffee beans, flour, sugar, rice or spices. This is because these jars can seal out any oxygen that gets into the container through its thread. But it’s not just the thread that you need to check when buying a jar; you also need to look at the lid and make sure that it seals correctly.

The most common mistake people make when choosing their canning jar lid is buying a lid made from plastic or metal because they are cheaper in price than the ones that are made out of rubber.

Non-food grade materials aren’t able to withstand high temperature levels:

One reason why this happens is because many jars found on the market today that claim to be heat resistant, do not tell you what temperature they can tolerate before it breaks. When the seal breaks and food mix up, it can make people sick.

Non-rated jars will leach chemicals into your dry goods especially if you’re planning to store them for a long period of time.

If you want to know whether your jar or container is safe to use, there should be numbers on the bottom. If there are numbers like 2, 4 and 5 in a triangle shape, it means that it’s safe to use for dry goods.

Use of glass jars:

Another thing that these jars and containers do is not let chemicals leak into your food. This is because they have tempered glass. They are popular to use in restaurants, as well as for storing other items that should stay dry over a long time such as clothes or books.

The biggest downside with using glass jars is that they are not very practical when it comes to preserving foods. For this reason, it’s best to use them for storage purposes only, instead of during the actual food preservation process itself.

Mason jars:

Some people use mason jars instead of jars that is from a stronger glass. Mason jars are not as safe as these other types of glass because they could break easier. Do not use them for cooking food or pickling cucumbers and other vegetables.

We should not use mason jars because they are not as good as standard canning jars. The reason is that they have thicker, more fragile glass. When it comes to choosing the best choice for home food preservation purposes, your primary focus should be on pickling cucumbers or canning vegetables with standard canning jars instead of Mason jars.

Canning jars:

Canning jars are better than mason jars because they have threads on the inside for the lid, so you don’t need a band. Plus, there is less spilling because of how easy it is to fill and empty the jar. And you can use them in hot water bath or pressure canners unlike mason jars which make them better if you plan on doing water bath or pressure canning at home (this would eliminate the need for disposable bags).


The food packaging industry is a booming one. It is not just about keeping the food safe. It also has many other roles that have helped it to be successful. For example, packaging can help in promoting a product by having illustrations or images on the package that are used as an indicator for nutritional information or ingredients. Packaging can also help to prevent spoilage and contamination by using materials like metals which are stronger than plastics.

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