What Is the 75 Soft Challenge? Pros & Cons Explained 

75 soft challenge rules

75 Soft Challenge is a program introduced by an influencer or TikTok user Stephen Gallagher. 75 Soft Challenge is way more tangible than 75 hard challenge, and it took social media by storm. 

This program is introduced for fitness enthusiasts. Fitness freaks adore this program to accomplish their fitness goals as it’s a sustainable approach. 75 soft challenge is best suited for those who seek to enhance mental toughness, healthy habits, and instill discipline in their lifestyle. 

75 soft challenge rules is designed to be followed for 75 days. To maintain fitness with 75 soft challenges, a set of rules are to be followed by participants:

  1. Eat well and drink occasionally: Eating healthy food rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, nutrition, and fiber is essential to be included in everyday diet. Moreover, drinking should be done occasionally. Alcoholic individuals are advised to strictly consume liquor on special occasions only.
  1. Train for 45 minutes every day: Working out for 45 minutes is crucial. Daily exercising promotes consistency and enhances discipline. Even daily exercising for 45 minutes boosts strength and helps to gain muscles.
  1. Drink 3-liter water: The other rule associated with 75 Soft Challenge is drinking 3-liter water or an adequate amount. This helps individuals to keep them hydrated and avoid dehydration. Simultaneously, it improves the functions of the body.
  1. Read 10 pages a day: The 75 soft challenge includes reading 10 pages a day. It includes reading non-fictional write-ups or books that deliver valuable details and encourage the individual to choose the path of betterment. 

Pros of the 75 Soft Challenge

  1. Builds Mental Resilience: This program encourages people to confront and leave the discomfort behind. It helps people to push their limits and break all the mental barriers. Consequently, It fosters mental toughness.
  1. Enhance Discipline: People who devotedly follow a strict regimen, consequently enhance their lifestyle. With it, people can cultivate self-control and discipline, which can positively impact their life.  
  1. Encourages Personal Growth: Consistency is the key, similarly consistent training, adoption of healthy habits, reading, and engagement in self-improvement activities lead to personal growth. Furthermore, it adds a new perspective in life incorporated with great confidence.
  1. Boosts Physical Fitness: In order to gain physical fitness, opting for this program is a novel approach as it increases physical and mental strength, and weight loss if preferred. 
  1. Promote Healthy Habits: 75 soft challenge promote healthy habits. People who focus on regular exercise, proper hydration, and reading activities let participants adopt healthy habits in their lives.  

Cons of the 75 Soft Challenge

  1. Potential for Burnout: The 75 soft challenge has the potential for burnouts. This could be possible due to its intense nature. 45-min continuous workout sometimes might lead to physical or mental burnout. Especially if the rest or recovery time period is neglected or participating in HIIT workouts.
  1. Neglect of Individual Needs: The approach of one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit individuals with differences in fitness levels, health conditions, or lifestyles.
  1. Risk of Overtraining: For newcomers, the risk of overtraining is something common. There is a difference between fitness freaks and individuals who are thinking about obtaining fitness goals.


Conclusively, 75 Soft Challenge is the best program to choose if seeking to choose a path of fitness. 

However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before embarking on this journey. Following a certain structure seeks personal growth and is willing to lead participants to push their limits.