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How to Style a Beach Cover Up

If you think of a beach cover-up, the first thing that comes to mind could be someone wrapping their terrycloth towel over themselves at the end of a long beach day, eager to get warm after a swim in the sea or take a break from the sun’s harsh rays.

The beach cover-up eliminates the problem by offering an elegant, comfortable and practical method of dressing our bodies at the beach. Without the need to figure out how to get from our bathing suits at the beach and change back to our streetwear. It’s also a great option to shield yourself from the elements of the sun, wind, or sand on a trip to the beach or show some modesty if that’s what you want to do. How do you make a beach cover-up look stylish? It all depends on the look you’re after. There are many ways to style it.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Opt for a Boho Sarong

The appeal of the sarong lies in its flexibility, changing into whatever you’d like to make it depending on how you dress it. Perhaps the first cover-up you have ever had in the sarong is the light scarf. It is intended to keep your body at a comfortable temperature and let breezes through while also providing protection from the elements and making a great dress for walks on the beach or to the grocery store run, either before or post-beach.

Wear your sarong as a skirt, or with a bikini, or just one piece beneath, or even put on a tank or with a rash guard. It is also possible to style your sarong into an elegant dress by raising it a bit higher. Use it to create a strapless airy beach dress over your suit or tie it up in an elegant knot to create a halter-style top that you can wear around the neck. If you’re not wearing your sarong, you can use it as an umbrella for the beach, wrapping your hair, or many other things. There are endless options.

Dress Up Your Cover-Up

The cover-up dress is the most popular way to wear one. We love how it can transform from comfortable and casual clothing to wear over our swimsuits on the beach or an extravagant outfit in summer or spring. You can choose from various styles and colors for cover-ups for the beach. From a maxi dress in classic nautical stripes to a slender dress with a bright tropical design. Style your dress by adding an elegant beach bag and a stylish beach hat to show off some style and keep your style in the water. After a day at the beach, transform your dress into a nighttime outfit by swapping your flip-flops in favor of heels or sleek sandals. Put on some jewelry and a coat, and you’ll be ready for whatever night, whether it’s a casual barbecue or a formal dinner.

Keep It Casual

If you’re seeking a more relaxed yet elegant cover-up, There are plenty of options. A long-sleeve cover-up tunic that has zip is a stylish cover-up that will keep you safe from the sun while looking stylish in the process. Dress a top such as this with a pair of bike shorts or swim shorts to create an ultra-sporty appearance, or wear it with jeans for women for a day out or hike to provide extra protection and fashion.

Consider a hooded robe for a cover-up after your day in the sun, when you’re eager to take a break from the sun. It’s also ideal when the sun begins to set, and you need extra warmth. The terry cloth option will be extra comfy for those beach days you’ll never want to end. The hooded dress cover-up a dress is casual and stylish, and it can be put on as a pullover dress at home or to do errands on weekends. The variety makes this one of the top cover-ups for any occasion where we need to feel extremely comfortable while remaining fashionable.

I am entirely covered From Head to Toe.

Pareo pants are excellent for those who want more coverage on your bottom but aren’t yet ready to wear full-on pants. They’re a bit lighter than most cover-ups and loose fitting for maximum comfort and glamour yet stylish. We love how they move with the breeze and make us feel comfortable and beautiful when you put them on. Wear pareo trousers with your favorite swimsuit or the cover-up top, or the rash guard and your most loved flip-flops.

It was relaxing at the beach and staying safe from the sun with these great cover-ups. 

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