How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Online Teaching System?

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Online Teaching System?

The Famous Computer Scientist Marvin Lee Minsky said:

“Artificial intelligence is a science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men.”

The machines are learning at the speed of light, making the life of humans easier than ever. There were times when human efforts were greater than machine working. However, things are now not the same as they were before.

Many Computer Scientists have contributed their lives to machine learning and the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) software. Their efforts shaped the lives of each soul living in this century and provided access to information with deep learning algorithms. Some of the names that improved the A.I. simulation are as follows;

  1. Aza Raskind
  2. Alan Matheson Thong (The Father of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence)
  3. John McCarthy

We must understand why Artificial Intelligence has become significant, what role it is playing in academics, and how e-learning systems can be improved using Artificial Intelligence simulated algorithms.

The following post will answer all of the questions raised above, and it will guide you to decide what to do with such powerful tools.

Why is Artificial Intelligence becoming Significant in our daily lives?

Since the Industrialization Revolution, we humans are evolving at a rate of blistering speed and have witnessed massive revolutions. The first Industrialization Revolution brought the use of water and steam power to automate production. The second revolution made humans dependent on electric power for massive productiveness.

Similarly, the third revolution got humans to use electronics and information technology to mechanize production. Now, in the year 2021, we stand in the phase of the fourth revolution, bringing out smart technologies that are now part of our daily lives. In addition to that, the following are the reasons why A.I. has become a significant part of daily human lives:

  1. Since the pandemic, the world has relied on technology to spend time with their friends and family. However, unfortunately, it has allowed bringing out a whole new generation of cyborgs.
  2. A.I. software is now built-in in every gadget that in connected to all our smartphones, laptops, and gadgets. It has made the user experience much sophisticated than it was before.
  3. The 21st century is the age of Engineers. They have revolutionized the way humans live and think. For example, Artificial Intelligence is cynical as it made humans of this century programmed.

All of these reasons explain why and who made artificial intelligence significant for us humans. It is like; A.I. is a new field of science that was Science Fiction a few years back. However, humans are the best of their intellect, and as mentioned earlier, “The Age of the Engineers” has gotten it all controlled.

What Role is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) playing in the academic industry?

Many professional experts in Computer Science are providing PhD thesis help across the globe, educating students, and all of that in done with the use of technology. Communication starts and the work is done by all the means of technology. It helps the growing Generation Z to prepare completely for learning.

E-learning has its benefits, and as we grow more with technology and Artificial Intelligence, that time is not far when humans will be able to create Super-Artificial Intelligence being to reach Type II civilization. Artificial Intelligence at school levels to help a student understand its benefits. Many students in developed countries use gadgets like Smart Glasses to learn and study while not using any laptop or a smartphone. They just have to wear glasses and all of their work and online classes will be in front of them.

All of this was theoretical a few decades back, but this century, humans are progressing at a thundering speed. It estimated, eventually, A.I. built-in machines and robots would do every task. The Expo 2020 in UAE showed the world how far we have gotten with technology as humans of this time. If not understand A.I. then, they will be left back.

5 Ways to Improve the Online Teaching System with Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence is still unknown to us. We need to go to its depth. Time is running faster as our lives go faster and faster. For example, studying online takes no energy. It ends in a blink of an eye.

However, if Artificial Intelligence used for good, we can use the following five ways to make the online teaching system better;

  1. Machine learning is still new to humans. Likewise, we are new to the machine. However, it is understanding us; therefore, if we set an algorithm that ends and understands all of the Global students’ needs together, the human intellect can become common and raised in one vision.
  2. We can set standard education criteria for students across all seven continents. It will help the machine to create its programs to educate people on machine learning. Before that, an engineer needs to create an algorithm to make the machine understand this improvement.
  3. One thing for sure Artificial Intelligence possesses, that is, it will end all of the needs of coursework writing services and will help make software engineers make more money. As a result, software engineers and data engineers can make free tools to ease students’ lives.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, if uses the unsupervised learning algorithm, chances are that it can give personal attention to every student in the world. A machine never gets tired. Hence, if installed in schools and surroundings, students can learn anytime in an interactive manner.
  5. Using advanced tools to teach students can help universities to bring out humans that will help us pass the Type 1 Civilization barrier. It is the century where machines will improve the way humans live, and that is what humans are speeding up for, as it is a life that none has witnessed ever before.


 This post shares what importance A.I. has, how it works with education, and ways to improve the e-learning system. All of this has a reason, as we need to understand A.I. before we lose from it. By that, Thy will end this post with the following quote:

“Artificial Intelligence is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.”

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