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Difference Between The Centralized and Decentralized End-of-Line Automation Solutions

Without any probability, technological advancements and innovations pave the way towards an unpredictable future of this world. As a result, automation is playing a pivotal role in the businesses of this modern age and warehouses. With that being said, warehouse automation statistics are mind-blowing.  

Better scalability and increased flexibility are some of the top-notch advantages of modern warehouse automation technologies. As a result, businesses can head towards one of the numerous warehouse automation solution provider companies to accommodate increasing customer demands during peak season. Not only this, AI-powered material handling equipment ignites the productivity, sustainability, proficiency, accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the warehouse. 

According to the estimation of experts and analysts, approximately 27% of the decision-makers from Transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and other departments are planning to acquire complete automation by the year 2024.  On top of that, worldwide shipment of logistic and warehousing robots will double in the upcoming 5 years from 194,000 units to 938,000 units annually by the year 2022. Almost 80% out of 1400 IT and operational decision-makers claim that new technology is required to keep up with ever-evolving customer demands over the next five years. 

Having said that, automated solutions are geared up to revamp how businesses and warehouses operate. Among all the robust technologies, end-of-line automated solutions are playing a pivotal role in all aspects. Before diving into the difference between centralized and decentralized end-of-line (EOL) solutions, let’s first understand what end-of-line automation (EOL) is in layman’s terms. 

What is End-of-Line Automation? 

The process of product packing can be categorized into different categories such as primary packing, secondary packing, and tertiary packing. The end-of-line automated solution typically covers tertiary packaging. It involves the steps where the goods are prepared for shipment. Automated EOL solutions include complex systems and stand-alone applications including robust material handling equipment such as conveyors, accumulators, robots, readers, dispensers for sheets and pallets, and wrappers.  

This robust automated solution is a trend that is catching up as companies realize the significance and make it an integral part of their investment plans. High employee turnover, rising labor cost, line speeds, and other problems are urging business owners and warehouse managers to upgrade and automate existing production lines and consider new lines with complete automation. 

Centralized vs. Decentralized EOL Solution 

There are two alternatives for palletizing products in warehouses with multiple packaging lines: 

  • A single giant central palletizer drawing goods off of numeral lines. 
  • A decentralized concept that is dedicated to palletizing cells situated at the end of every packaging line. 

Let’s flick through each of the concepts. 

Centralized Concept 

Private label diapers manufacturers select the centralized concept where the end-of-line palletizing is located in a separate area to serve four lines. The key arguments were space constraints and to enhance the utilization of palletizing equipment. The operator teams have functional responsibility for the palletizing of the entire factory output. Such a solution results in high productivity as compared to the decentralized solution, it also offers advantages from the maintenance point of view. 

Decentralized Concept 

Let us take one more example of a hygiene product’s producer, implementing the decentralized concept where one EOL solution is connected to two adult diaper production lines. Goods are handled in trays, bundles, and cases. The main reason for selecting the decentralized concept is to have an operator team responsible for the entire line and having a splendid overview of the entire process from converting to packing to palletizing. 

Think Before You Choose  

Making an appropriate choice between centralized or decentralized end-of-line automated solutions should ultimately depend on which solution works best for your main production philosophy. At the end of the day, the agenda should always be to offer such robust material handling equipment that offers seamless integration and great reliability of the complete production of the business, whether it involves decentralized or centralized EOL solutions. Hence businesses of this modern age should head towards experts for the proper consultation before acquisition of any material handling equipment. Furthermore, businesses should list down all of their crucial requirements before heading towards a solution provider. 

Are you one of those business owners who is typing different keywords and spending immense amounts of time in search of warehouse automated material handling equipment solution providers? MWI Solutions is everything that you need for your warehouse to streamline business operations. 

Their flexible solutions go well with almost every type of industry including eCommerce, retail, aerospace, third-party logistics (3PLS), food providers, and a lot more. If you are a business owner or a warehouse manager, you should consider McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering solutions are your potential partner for your next warehousing or automation project. Why? Because they offer a comprehensive range of robust and professional services and technologies, including capital equipment justification, consulting, financing, and a lot more. Their ultimate agenda is to provide a competitive advantage for your organization. They are pleased to offer a free walk-through of your facility so that our professional staff can provide feedback on your existing operations. 

They offer the following list of promising technologies: 

  • Conveyor systems 
    • Package and tote handling 
    • Parcel and mail handling 
    • Manufacturing and assembly 
    • Food and beverage 
    • Cross-docking 
    • Pallet and drum handling 
    • Downlines and chutes 
    • Trailer loading and unloading 
    • Spiral conveyors and vertical lifts 
  • Sortation systems 
    • Sliding shoe sorters 
    • Narrow belt sorters 
    • Pop-up wheel sorters 
    • Tilt tray or Cross Belt
    • Carton flow or pallet flow 
    • Viper sorter or sweep sorter 
  • Goods to Person 
    • Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) 
    • GTP carousels 
    • Mobile robots 
    • Vertical lift module
  • Order fulfillment 
    • Voice directed picking 
    • Pick to light 
    • Order carousels 
    • Goods to person 
    • Automated picking 
    • Zone routing 
  • End of line automation 
    • In motion scale manifesting 
    • Print and apply applications 
    • Carton forming and induction 
    • Packing and sealing 
    • Palletizing/stretch wrapping 
    • Custom application 

Following are the partner companies to which they resell and integrates with: 

  • Lightning Pack
  • Knapp
  • Kindred
  • SI Systems A-Frames
  • Hannibal
  • Hanel
  • Modsort(Regal Beloit) 
  • ID technologies
  • Intralox
  • TGW
  • Interroll
  • Intelligrated Honeywell
  • Effimat
  • OPEX
  • Gray Orange 
  • Hytrol

Moreover, here are the technology companies MWI do not resells but usually integrates with: 

  • SICK
  • Beckhoff
  • Cognex
  • BestPack
  • Rockwell Automation

So pick up the pace and head towards the official website of MWI Solutions right now! 

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