Who Buy KBC Company Lottery Ticket and how to buy Lottery Ticket

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The mindset of a person who saves money the sum of winnings from the KBC Company Lottery was 7 corers, including the first and second prizes. It is not a dream to become a millionaire overnight, but rich people do not buy lottery tickets. But that doesn’t mean rich people don’t gamble. How do you enjoy it?

Why people who save money don’t buy KBC Company lottery tickets

It is said that rich people do not buy KBC Company lottery tickets, but is this true? A survey conducted found that the percentage of people who buy KBC Company lottery tickets is lower among people with an annual household income of more than 7 corer compared to people with an annual income of 1 corer to 7 corer  Rupees. 7 corer or more doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rich, but

The reason is not clear in the study, but one commonly cited reason is the “low return rate” of lottery tickets.

The return rate indicates how much of the money collected in this type of gambling is paid out to participants. The higher the rate the better, and the lower the rate, the higher the probability that the bettor (the gambling organizer) will make a profit expensive.

while for lottery tickets it is only 46%. The difference is actually 34 percentage points. Furthermore, the probability of winning the first prize in the KBC Company Lottery is as low as 1 in 10 corers.

For this reason, it is believing that rich people who dislike waste avoid playing the KBC Company lottery because of the low winning rate.

People with savings doesn’t mean they don’t gamble

However, it is not that rich people do not gamble at all, but rather that more people than the overall average spend money on public gambling other than lottery tickets (horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing, and auto racing).

In one survey, the percentage of people who raced bicycles was 7% of the total, but 11.0% of those with an annual household income of over 7 corer Rupees. Although the difference is not large, there is no doubt that the percentage of people who enjoy is higher than the overall average.

If you don’t play the lottery, why do you play other forms of gambling? There may be reasons for each, but one possible reason is that many public gambling systems allow you to control your winning percentage and risk by analyzing past results and choosing your bets.

In this regard, it seems difficult to use data to increase your winning rate when playing the lottery (aside from the number selection system), other than buying at a ticket office where the first prize has been win in the past.

If you think about it this way, can you say that rich people are willing to invest money in gambling as long as they can control the winning rate and risk?

Rich people also attract opportunities for gambling.

To begin with, investing in stocks is risky. But that doesn’t mean rich people don’t invest just because there is risk. They consider whether the risk is manageable and decide. Where and how much money to invest within the range of risk that can take KBC Lottery. Ticket and first contact in KBC head office Kolkata.

It’s okay to dream of getting rich quickly or leave it to chance. However, learning how to think about risk control may be the way to get one step closer to becoming wealthy.

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