How to choose the right ISO Certification Company?

ISO Certification

How to choose the right ISO Certification Company?

Is it even worth choosing or contacting anyone now, since everyone says the same thing? Of course, it’s worth it! You just need to know a few right questions.

If you are not a specialist in the field of ISO Certification, start here: – What is ISO Certification? What do you need to know about certification first? How to properly prepare for certification? What documents need to be prepared? What responsibility does the applicant have? How long will it take and how much will it all cost?

Superficial Acquaintance

As you can see, there are a lot of questions for a superficial acquaintance and they are not all of them. For many issues in our lives, we turn to specialists – lawyers, notaries, attorneys, and many others. Therefore, if you have little time, then calling a specialist is the fastest and most correct solution. Our specialist will ask you the necessary questions, after which we will be able to prepare and calculate for you the required certification scenario specifically for your product.

If you already know what you need, then you are welcome for ISO Certification: Write us a letter! We will quickly calculate the cost of the document.

Product Certification

Some people think that product certification is not a priority for the company. First, you need to set up production and get samples. At first glance, this may be so. But to receive regular orders, and create a dealer network and regular customers, this is already a necessity. Moreover, if you understand that the law provides for liability for the lack of certificates confirming the quality of products.

Depending on the type of product and the area of ​​its use, even for the same product, there may be several ISO Certification options. From Mandatory certification to Voluntary. The preparation of the Declaration to a more serious one.The Certificate of Conformity of the British Assessment Bureau. From receiving the Certificate of Origin to the Certificate of State Registration. In addition, two or three documents are often required – for example, Quality policy, Procedures, Scope of QMS, Process map or flowchart, Quality objectives, Work instructions (defining work processes), Forms (can be work instructions or records), etc. Not to mention the development of Technical Documentation – Technical Conditions, Safety Justification, Product Data Sheet, etc.

So is it worth doing the certification yourself or entrusting this work to specialists?

We specialize in providing services for the preparation of all categories and types of permits in the field of certification: Certification and declaration in the system of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, GOST Certification, Voluntary Certification, Fire Safety Certificates, Certification ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 41001 Certification, Special Assessment of Working Conditions, product testing, Information letters, and others – for this we have direct agreements with certification bodies and testing laboratories. We also provide consulting services in the field of certification and organization of business processes and offer long-term, mutually beneficial, and promising cooperation with companies, customs brokers, large retail chains, plants and factories, representatives of medium and small businesses, individuals, general, everyone, who needs it.

What allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies similar to us?

The fact is that most often organizations do not have certification specialists, but there is a function that is entrusted to someone. Even if there is a specialist, he always wants to get confirmation of his knowledge from a competent source. We are such a source. The competence of our experts and complete immersion in the client’s problem to formulate the optimal solution is the right approach. Experts from more than 10 certification bodies that we represent will allow us to give you comprehensive answers and the most competent solution.

Certification Center

Our Certification Center is young, but we have clearly defined our advantage – while large companies share the market, work slowly, and do not keep up with technical changes, we have the opportunity to work with the strongest in the field of certification and provide our clients with the optimal solution to their problems on good terms and conditions. good price. That is, we almost always have options for solutions.

Our goal is to make product certification a simple and understandable matter when it doesn’t hurt your head!

When working with us, you will always receive competent advice, and everything will become transparent and unambiguous for you. While others are looking for profitable options in various Bodies, we have already done this and you will not waste your time on it. Since we have a large flow of orders, we can provide prices lower than many certification centers – and you will save your money. We know the value of time and nerves – since we monitor the market and are aware of all the news. To make a preliminary calculation of the cost of issuing permits, you can use our work calculator (Form-Calculator). But keep in mind that there are always nuances and it would be wise to contact us. In addition, the cost in the calculator is average and in fact, will differ.

Our goal is for us to become your first assistant in solving certification problems.

You need Permitting Documentation and you want to be satisfied with the result – be sure to contact us and receive a fairly quick, competent answer and a guaranteed result!

What an ISO certificate of conformity is, why is it needed, and who exactly needs to issue it?

The ISO 9001 Certification is a document confirming the compliance of the organization’s quality management system (QMS) with the international standard ISO 9001 or its equivalent. It is issued based on the results of an expert audit and implies that the QMS will also be improved promptly in the future.

It is extremely important that products of appropriate quality and in the required volumes are produced within the specified period and do not require more resources than originally planned. However, obtaining a certificate is the final stage of painstaking work carried out long before.

An ISO 9001 Certification is required to implement modern management systems at an enterprise because in a highly competitive environment, it is extremely important that products:

  • Adequate quality.
  • Produced in the required quantities.
  • Delivered within the specified period.
  • Did not require more resources for its production than were originally planned.

Therefore, a QMS is necessary for every company that is aimed at development and stable profit growth.

Who needs an ISO 9001 Certification?

In Russia, certification according to this standard is voluntary and advisory. However, enterprises often resort to this procedure. Especially if they plan to enter a foreign market, where the presence of a QMS at the enterprise often becomes a prerequisite for concluding a profitable strategic partnership.

Speaking about who needs an ISO 9001 Certification for what, there are two main reasons:

  • The company is aimed at working in an area controlled by the state, namely the railway and defense industries.
  • The organization intends to enter international markets, where the presence of an appropriate certificate is a mandatory requirement for starting a partnership.

QMS certification helps to restructure production processes so that the risk of errors in work is minimized.

Why do you need an ISO 9001 Certification?

The procedure for obtaining an ISO 9001 Certification is voluntary, and the decision on the advisability of restructuring production processes in any case remains with the head of the organization.

There are no legal requirements for 2023 that require you to obtain this document. However, having an ISO 9001 Certification provides undeniable advantages, including:

  • Opportunity to participate in tenders.
  • Obtaining certain types of licenses.
  • The ability to carry out the procedure for confirming the conformity of products/equipment according to simplified schemes: 2c, 6c, 8c, 6d.
  • Possibility of cooperation with foreign companies.

The implementation of a QMS is suitable for any organization. The size of the company and its type of activity are unimportant.

What does an ISO certificate look like?

A document confirming the compliance of the enterprise’s activities with national standards in the field of organizing a quality management system is drawn up in A4 format.

The certificate is typically issued on the internal letterhead of the organization that oversees management systems certification because there are no stringent requirements for the certificate’s appearance.

It must contain:

  • Certificate registration number.
  • Information about the certification body.
  • Information about the applicant company.
  • A number of the standards whose requirements it complies.
  • Areas of activity to which the QMS is applicable.
  • Date of issue of the document.
  • The validity period of the certificate.

This document is usually issued for three years. During this time, the company must undergo two mandatory inspections.

Let us remind you that the issuance of an ISO certificate is the final stage of a labor-intensive process, which includes training of employees, restructuring, and establishment of new QMS of the organization by the recommendations of the national standard ISO 9001:2015.

Benefits of obtaining an ISO 9001 Certification

To summarize and answer the question: “Why do you need an ISO 9001 Certification?”, We highlight a few key benefits of this document’s design:

  • Optimization of enterprise expenses. We reduce unnecessary costs and keep them to a minimum.
  • Improving company efficiency. We formulate clear goals for employees and monitor their implementation.
  • Obtaining competitive advantages when participating in tenders or government procurement.
  • Attracting large, including foreign, partners/investors.
  • Improving the quality of manufactured goods/services.
  • Possibility of obtaining permits or licenses under an accelerated scheme.

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