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Guide for First-Time Buyers Help

Buying a property should be one of the momentous events of first time buyers‘ life, and even for experienced home buyers, unforeseen issues may arise. Buying a first home is also a daunting process for many people. The fact is that the more people know about buying a property, the more they can save time, effort, and hard-earned cash.

Over the past year in the UK, first-time buyers accounted for 32% of all home buyer. Here are seven steps to buying the first home, key tips for first time buyer help, and common mistakes.

Seven Key Steps for First-Time Buyers

Here are seven steps that user can use this step-by-step guide to buying their first property.

  1. Check the needs

First-time buyers need to search the area they want to live in and influence their choice. They have to identify their needs and plan for long term care.

  • Research

Seeing properties in person is very important because it is the best way to get a real sense of place. So try to take the time to visit different areas and houses to match the needs better, budget and facilities available in the properties.

  • Decision making

They can make decisions based on their needs, research and financial resources. It’s good to find the right deal based on their monthly payments.

  • Legal issues

You need to think about the legal aspects of buying a property. Communication with the seller, verification of the seller’s documents, registration of property and documents and other legal requirements are other things that they should consider.

  • Valuation

The lender should conduct a simple review of the selected property to assess lending risk.

  • Mortgages

Once the lender has approved the mortgage offer, first-time buyers can exchange contracts. They and the seller sign the contracts, and are now legally obliged to fulfil their obligations.

  • Completion

After signing the contract, the mortgage amount will be transferred to the seller, and first-time buyers will receive their new house keys.

Ten Important Tips to Help First-Time Buyers

Here are ten important tips to help first-time buyers in the buying process. With these tips, they will buy their first house.


Buying a property should be one of the momentous events in first-time buyers’ life. So it is important to determine how much they can borrow. When first-time buyers apply for a mortgage, all lenders check their credit history, so it is good to ensure their credit score. First-time buyers need to prove to the lender that they can pay off their debts successfully.


Once first-time buyers have figured out how much they can borrow, it is important to set aside savings to buy their property. Generally, first-time buyers should save at least 5% to 20% of the property they want to buy to pay as a deposit.


Search for different housing options and financing methods. Doing research is the best thing first-time buyers can do.

Identify different options

There are many options to help the client. They can use joint ownership, deposit financing schemes, joint mortgages, etc.

Prepare a list of needs

Making a list of things first-time buyers need from a property will help them know what they want.

Long-term thinking

Buying the first house and having a long-term financing plan can seem daunting, but it is worth thinking about how long first-time buyers will live there.


Preparing the required documents for property advisors and lenders and planning for the steps ahead are among the things that make it necessary to have coherent planning.


Buying a property can be a daunting task, and it can take weeks or even months to find a dream house. Also, buying a house is one of the people’s biggest financial obligations. So it is important to be patient and not rush into anything.

Make prudent decisions

The process of buying a property involves complex steps. So, buyers have to read everything carefully and know everything they need to know before committing

Review financing costs

They should also keep in mind that buying a property does mean paying a deposit and paying stamp duty, legal fees, mortgage arrangement fees, lender fees, closing fees, and more. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough savings to pay these costs.

5 Mistakes First Time Buyers Should Avoid

They are making such a big commitment that buying a property for first-time buyers should not result in hasty decisions. They should be very careful, anticipate the mistakes presented here and avoid them.

Failure to check credit score

As a first-time buyer, one of the main steps when buying a property is to make sure their credit score is correct. A higher score means that the application will be more likely to be accepted, and lenders will offer better rates. Buyers should evaluate their credit scores and take steps to improve them.

Very little savings

In addition to the deposit required, first-time buyers must consider other additional costs such as valuation fees, legal fees, and mortgage premiums. Spending all savings at once is one of the first mistakes buyers make. Instead, they should save at least three to six months to pay for their unforeseen expenses.

Lack of agreement on getting a mortgage

An agreement is a certificate that shows how much money the lenders are likely to allow first time buyers to borrow. Knowing this in advance will help buyers determine their budget. Therefore, they must ensure that they have already received the approval.

Choosing the wrong mortgage

There are several types of mortgages on the market. Fixed-rate mortgages, tracker mortgages, and standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages are among the different types of mortgages. To ensure that first time buyers do not make a mistake in choosing the right mortgage deal, it is better to use the guidance of qualified mortgage brokers.

Not using a suitable broker

When choosing a mortgage broker, first time buyers need to choose someone who can guide them. The right mortgage brokers will do their best to find the best deal for them. It is best to choose a broker who has access to multiple lenders and will assist you during the entire mortgage process.


SWG Mortgages advisors take the time to listen to what they have to say to consider their unique circumstances and make the right suggestions carefully.

SWG Mortgages advisors know what criteria lenders consider for first-time buyers’ eligibility to simplify the process and ensure a successful purchase.


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