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When it comes to vintage cars, their historical significance and value are unparalleled. Transporting these treasures requires utmost care and expertise. AG Car Shipping, a leader in car transportation services, understands the importance of preserving history during transport. In this article, we delve into the world of vintage car shipping, exploring how AG Car Shipping’s services ensure the safe and secure transit of these cherished vehicles.

Preserving History Through Expert Car Shipping Services

AG Car Shipping takes pride in offering specialized car shipping services that cater to the unique requirements of vintage car transportation. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle these valuable pieces of history with the utmost attention to detail and care.

Car Shipping Cost: Finding Value in Preservation

We understand that vintage car owners not only value the historical significance of their vehicles but also seek cost-effective shipping solutions. AG Car Shipping strikes the perfect balance between preserving history and managing car shipping costs. Our transparent pricing ensures you receive the best value for your investment.

Car Shipping Quote: Tailored to Your Needs

Getting a precise Car Shipping Quote is crucial for planning the transportation of your vintage car. At AG Car Shipping, we provide accurate and tailored quotes that consider factors such as distance, vehicle specifications, and shipping preferences. This commitment to personalized service sets us apart.

Ensuring Vintage Car Safety: Our Priority

The safety of your vintage car is our top priority. AG Car Shipping employs modern shipping technologies and practices to safeguard your vehicle during transit. From enclosed transport options to secure loading and unloading procedures, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your vintage car arrives in pristine condition.

Expert Handling: Preserving Every Detail

Vintage cars often boast intricate details that contribute to their historical significance. Our team is well-versed in the delicate handling required for these vehicles. Whether it’s a classic model, a rare find, or a sentimental gem, we treat every vintage car with the utmost respect and care.

Tips for Vintage Car Owners

  • Thorough Inspection: Before shipping, conduct a thorough inspection of your vintage car. Document its current condition and any existing imperfections.
  • Communication: Stay in touch with our team throughout the shipping process. Communication ensures a smooth experience and addresses any concerns promptly.
  • Choose Enclosed Transport: Opt for enclosed transport to shield your vintage car from external elements and potential damage.
  • Secure Proper Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary paperwork, including insurance, ownership documents, and any permits required for transport.

Choosing the Right Car Shipping Services: Factors to Consider

When entrusting your vintage car to a shipping company, several factors should be taken into account to ensure a seamless and secure transportation process. Here are key considerations to guide your decision:

  1. Experience and Expertise
    • Research the company’s background and experience in shipping vintage cars.
    • Check for reviews and testimonials from other vintage car owners.
  2. Specialized Equipment
    • Inquire about the types of transport trailers and equipment used.
    • Ensure they offer enclosed transport options for added protection.
  3. Insurance Coverage
    • Understand the insurance coverage provided during transportation.
    • Verify if the coverage is sufficient to account for the value of your vintage car.
  4. Customized Handling
    • Ask about their handling procedures for vintage vehicles.
    • Discuss any special requirements your car may need.
  5. Transparent Communication
    • Evaluate their communication channels and responsiveness.
    • A company that keeps you informed can alleviate any concerns.
  6. Tracking and Monitoring
    • Inquire about real-time tracking and monitoring options.
    • Knowing the status of your car during transit provides peace of mind.
  7. Timelines and Delivery
    • Discuss estimated delivery timelines for your vintage car.
    • Clarify procedures if there are unexpected delays.
  8. Price and Value
    • Compare quotes from different companies.
    • Ensure you’re receiving value for the cost, considering the quality of service.
  9. Customer Support
    • Reach out to their customer support to gauge their professionalism.
    • A reliable support team can address queries and issues effectively.
  10. References and Recommendations
    • Ask for references or recommendations from other vintage car enthusiasts.
    • Hearing about their experiences can help you make an informed decision.

By evaluating these factors, you can confidently select a car shipping service that aligns with your vintage car’s preservation needs and your overall expectations.


Vintage cars are more than just vehicles; they are pieces of history that deserve the highest level of care during transport. AG Car Shipping’s commitment to preserving history through expert car shipping services, reasonable costs, and personalized quotes makes us the ideal choice for vintage car owners. Trust us to deliver your prized possession safely, so its history remains intact for generations to come.

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Car Shipping in US - AG Car Shipping