ADU Ideas that Increase Your Home Value

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There is no fixed way to increase the value of your home. Some homeowners choose to remodel their homes, while others opt for adding an attached garage or cottage. However, there are many interesting ideas available that will increase the value of your property without incurring any major expenses.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on landscaping or cosmetic upgrades to increase the value of your home. The need of the hour is to implement the trending ADU ideas according to your budget.

Here are five expert-approved tips brought in by one of the most reputable ADU contractors  Los Angeles such as ADU Builders Los Angeles, for increasing the value of your home without breaking the bank:

1. Adding a Mother-in-Law Suite

Single-story ADUs offer an excellent opportunity for retired people. So many aging individuals enjoy living in an ADU while their family is housed in the main building just a few feet away. The family members can stay together while getting all the privacy and freedom they require in a vibrant and comfortable ADU with basic design principles.

It is simple to incorporate features into a new area that will meet the occupant’s present and future requirements, such as:

  • A walk-in shower with a hand-held shower head and additional grab bars;
  • Enough illumination with reachable two-way switches;
  • Simple-to-open and close windows;
  • Door levers rather than doorknobs;
  • Soft flooring made of linoleum, cork, or rubber;
  • Modern Technology that can be operated by a smartphone or remote for the entire security system, thermostat, and lighting.

2. Converting Your Garage

Do you need an expansive yard if you are considering building an ADU? Not necessary! A portion of your current home, like an attached nonfunctional garage, attic, or basement, can also be converted into an ADU.

Although renovating an attic, basement, or garage usually has no drawbacks, several Los Angeles homeowners are unwilling to convert their garage. Instead of converting a garage, you can install an ADU on top of it, keeping your current garage intact for future use.

3. Creating a Rustic Backyard Guest House

ADUs can either be built as an attached unit connected to your primary residence, or they can remain as stand-alone units. Your property yard’s separate ADU offers some kind of solitude at an acceptable distance. In most Los Angeles neighborhoods, a contemporary backyard cottage comprising a rustic and woody impact will fit in wonderfully. You can select raw materials, color combinations, and exposed wood that are influenced by nature, such as green and brown, to maintain the style and decor.

4. Defining a Luxury Gateway

A luxurious ADU might be the ideal setting for a much-needed vacation or to offer fantastic accommodations for visitors. Give yourself and your visitors the unique amenities that will make everybody feel relaxed and satisfied. Luxury ADU design ideas offer the following in combination with your tastes and preferences:

  • A tiny rock garden outdoors;
  • A spa shower with heated flooring and towel warmers;
  • A yoga or meditation room;
  • A tiny and inviting wine bar or bar cart in the kitchenette;
  • Smart technology for comfort, energy efficiency, and individual protection.

5. Creating a Vivid and Exquisite ADU

Although ADUs are frequently smaller than the primary dwelling, it does not imply that they must be dark and depressing. ADUs, on the other hand, can be fashionable, airy, modern, and equipped with all the modern amenities a resident might need.

Free flow of natural light is always welcome. However, task, overhead, and accent lighting should also be installed proportionately. For an uninterrupted indoor-outdoor experience, consider a complete wall door if feasible. Pick open flooring and light, along with moderate colors.


Your ADU should be created to match your needs, whether you desire a nearby home for someone in your family. It should be a way to generate rental income or a strategy to downsize without moving out of your neighborhood. ADU Builders Los Angeles can assist you with attached and detached ADUs. We would love to create a place that improves your quality of life in the long run.